Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline April 24

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline April 24

Here's your mini kit challenge for this week. Your kit should include ONLY the following:

6 papers, including:

  • something with stripes
  • something with words/letters/numbers

15 elements, including:

  • something with stars
  • 2 tags
  • 1 ribbon
  • 2 frames

Download Here!

Download Here!

]Hello ladies !!! Here is my part.

You can download it in my BLOG

@Maria: I love your kit! I just downloaded it! I really love the dotted line paper smiley

Thanks Amara ! I've downloaded yours !!! smiley

Awesome kits! I hope I can squeeze time for this

Ok, here's mine...

You'll find it on my blog.

very nice Pauline I love your colors!!

Hello all. Here is my part. It's up on my blog HERE

Here is mine smiley

you can download it here

wow ladies! these are some stunning creations!
Amara, u r fast girl! smiley beautiful kit
Maria, beautiful colors on ur kit and love ur papers!
Pauline, beautiful colors on ur kit and the tag held onto my the clip is adorable!
Victoria, cute banner and papers
Karry, beautiful theme! and the kit is amazing!

Beautiful stuff! Never tried to make a kit of my own, but after seeing this I might just give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration smiley

Look a couple times a day to see what great creations are posted. A thank you to the designers!!!!

I am working on one. But have my granddaughter here, so getting time to be creative on the computer is pretty limited. So if I miss the deadline, I will post it up later. I am really enjoying these mini challenges smiley

hi here is mine u can dl on my blog.

Here is my kit .... Lemonade Kisses .... The coming of spring means lemonade and ice cream to me. I used popsicle colours this time around ... it was great getting out of the winter glooms for a little bit smiley

wow! beautiful work ladies!! thank you for sharing your talents and hard work!! smiley

Here is mine!

download it from my blog

Just posting the preview for now. Will be live on my blog by tomorrow afternoon, Australian time.
Will come back and link it when its up smiley

Live on the blog now.
Kit contains:
6 Papers- 4 patterned + 2 Solid
15 Elements:
1 Word Art ( My Sweet Charming Child)
2 Frames
1 Journal Card
2 Tags with strings
1 Banner
1 Star
1 Messy paint splat
2 flowers
1 leaf stem
1 Ribbon
1 String
1 Chevron border

Just got inspired this afternoon and I'm whipping up my mini now smiley

Here's my kit!

You can download it my Blog

This is in honor of my daughter's 10th birthday. She's very excited to hit the double digits.

I actually had her pick out her favorite 6 colored pencils from her 100 piece set. So this is truly her - my little miss mismatch.

So excited to have my designer mojo going again! I couldn't wait to post the preview... but I'll be back with links as soon as I get it on my blog!! smiley

Here's the link!

Very pretty Catherine!!!

Thanks Kiana!! smiley

Thanks Catherine! And welcome back to the designing world. I'm glad you are at it again smiley

Does anyone know how to download Erin's birthday kit? Please tell me how smiley

@ Shirley Trump, try sending her a message, I think she may have just forgotten to add a download link.
Just under her name is an envelope and contact beside it smiley Hope that helps smiley

I did that Maree, but so far I haven't seen a response.
There wasn't a link for her last post either smiley
Erin, if you read this, PLEASE post a link to your "Double Digits" scrap kit!!!!

Sometimes people don't always have download links, if they're working on something for another project, or for their store, etc. It's not a requirement that things are available for free download.

It is a shame as it is an adorable kit.