Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Feb 6

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Feb 6

This week I have a color challenge for you. Try making a monochrome mini kit, with all the focus on one color. Can't wait to see the results!

Thank you for another great challenge Marisa smiley This will be fun!

Oh exciting! And just before I have to go back to work too! I will have just enough time. Thanks!

I was so excited when I saw this challenge! I knew exactly what I wanted to make! So, here it is...

Crazy, right! Marisa just gave us the challenge! I just couldn't stop once the idea was in my head. smiley
Anyway, if you would like my kit, you can pick it up on my blog. smiley

This was loads of fun! It is a real mini kit! I have used a few CU templates from this site.. I am back to work dealing with post earthquake issues at my school now! So I didn't have much time.
By the way @Pauline - I love the horse kit! I am downloading it for my students at school who are horse mad! Thanks.

Please click here for the download on my blog.

Anita, love your soft pallet. Hope your students enjoy the kit.

@Pauline & Anita: Wow!! you ladies are fast, I'm still working on mine, but these are really nice, thank you for sharing!! smiley

@Jiovanna - what color are you doing? I'm browsing now, but will try to stay clear of whatever color you're using. smiley

I really love this challenge, is different from what we are used to make & I like different smiley
Well I decided to use the color purple, and this is the mini kit that I created,
Hope everyone likes it, as much as I do! smiley
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can find this mini kit in my Blog

Love it, Jiovanna! Love purple! Thank you! smiley

Oh that is beautiful Jiovanna! Purple is one of my favourites.. Thanks, a beautiful job and one I will definitely use.

@Pauline: You're very welcome smiley Glad you like purple!!

@Anita: Thank you so much, I'm happy that you like it! smiley I guess I chose the right color smiley

Here is my mini kit:

download HERE

So pretty Cintia!

Love the horses, Pauline!

Thank you so much Beverly

All of your kits look lovely! I went with peach. After working on so many dark, grungy colors for my son's layouts, I was ready for something much softer. It's on my blog. smiley

Blog Link:

@Amanda: Thank you for sharing, I love pastels!! smiley

@Amanda, pretty! And perfect for the layout I was planning. Thanks so much for sharing.

Thank you. You're welcome. smiley

beautiful kits ladies, Amanda love the color and the kit absolutly Fab!

I love all these kits! Great work ladies and thank you all so much for sharing!

Beautiful creations Ladies, thank you.

My first kit! I've been meaning to participate in the challenges for a while now - I'm going to thank the weather this weekend that allowed me to spend time on the computer guilt free. smiley I chose a pink for my focus colour. I've used a few resources from here, as well as some styles from Mommyish. You can find the kit on my blog

Here is mine. You can download it on my new blog! smiley

Beautiful Nadia!

Lovely! Love these kits!

Good Morning Everyone.. What a great challenge, I love doing different things,
I choose "Pink" for my main color and this is what i came out with!!
hope you guys like it!
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Head over to my blog to download!
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Creations By: Samantha ♥

Pretty, Pretty. Thanks!

I love all the kits so far! Here's mine...

You can download it in my BLOG