Mini Kit Challenge: Deadline Jan 16

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I had to give it a go as well and as you might can tell. I'm ready for this winter to be over

Download is on my blog

Wow, Jeanet! I love your Kit! It's beautiful.

beautiful Jeanet... thank you for sharing!

I have a kit too:

You can download on my BLOG

These are all so nice. Thank you.

Thanks again ladies. Great job!

Hi Everyone,
Well I set myself this big challenge to complete this! I have now officially been digital scrapbooking for 9 days! I knew nothing about Photoshop until I found this site. The tutorials are wonderful! Most of this kit is based on CU downloads I have made from pixelscrapper but it was certainly a challenge for me. I hope there is something in here that people will get use from.
Please do give me feedback - I really appreciate it and it will help me get more and more creative!

Link to my blog page here: Neats Art in Pixels

This is the time of year we usually get tired of the cold gray weather and decide to take a trip seeking warmer climates, thus this kit.
It can be downloaded at Dropbox

I love your kit Harriett! so soft and vintage. smiley

Finally I'm done with mine, I love the palette i used to create this challenge smiley
Well here is my part of the challenge:
"A Great Start"
• • •

• • •
Head over to My Blog to download!
• • •
Samantha smiley


They look great everyone!

Thanks, Catherine. That means a lot coming from a great designer like you.

Updated post further down. Did not know how to delete (if I could) original post.

Beautiful! thank you!

aw, thanks Harriett!! I'm a fan of yours, too!

I participated in the color challenge at theStudio and made a mini kit following the 6 and 12 challenge format... so here ya go! smiley

WOW! What fantastic kits. Thanks for the inspiration boost smiley

You're very welcome and thank you for the compliment!

Catherine - Awesome!

I finally finished my contribution.

If anyone is interested, you can find it at my blog

I love the diversity of the kits. Beautiful. Great Job.

so I posted two blog train minis today, in the 6 and 12 challenge format... smiley

Great kits everyone! This is my first challenge here too; hope I'm not too late. I've got the links on my blog here: Just go to bottom of post for links and ignore my babbling lol. I've just not been able to get back to work since the holidays. Hoping this will help.

SherryD aka Wonderland Scraps & Sher Scraps 4 CU

Beautiful kits!
Here is mine.. You can download it on my blog - enjoy!

Beautiful work and thank you again.

Oh, Catherine, I love-love-love what you did with the color challenge kit! Very well balanced, very soft and pretty. Makes me want to get married all over again smiley

For whatever reason, I did not check my kit. I must have had a brain hiccup!!! It is now fixed and here are the updated links. Sorry.

4shared -
papers- AS_PS_Jmk1papers(2).zip
Google - elements-
papers -

@Harriett: I love your vintage travel kit. It makes me wanna go with you to the warmer weather too. ;D