Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Nov 21

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I made also a kit and made a layout from this kit for the layout challenge without photo ^.^
you can download my mini kit from here

and my layout

Cute Elif. I like the overlays. smiley

Here is my Mini Kit:

You can download it on my blog:

@ Rani: LOVE the kit!! this is really beautiful. Do you have a link to download?
#update# Silly me: it's on your blog. Maybe you can put a link here with it so it's more easy to find for others? smiley

Beautiful kits. I will try to get something done. I've been so busy and then got sick. I hate when that happens.

@Kiana: oh, that's not nice. I know the feeling when that happens! Maybe you worked to hard /been to busy? smiley Take good care of yourself, pamper yourself a bit.... smiley Can't wait to see your mini!

Thanks Nadia....yes I've been non-stop since the kids started school. They finally brought me home a "bug" and it bit me! Lol.

Maddy, I love the colors of your kit. So very pretty and soft. Thank you for sharing. I foresee wonderful things coming from you in the future. Also would like to second Nadia's comments about Dropbox being easier to use.

The tv set comes as a psd file so you can add your own photo, or leave blank.
Down load from Dropbox. 8,5 x 11 papers, 12 x 12 papers, elements
I made a layout from it for the No Photos challenge

Thank you so much Harriett smiley And your kit is also wonderful, well done smiley I would like to do the Dropbox links from now on... but I'm completely in the dark ages when it comes to these things ~ would you or Nadia please be so kind to tell me how to do it? I would appreciate that so much, then it can be better and easier for downloading than the way I did it this time.

Beautiful kits ladies!
Here is my mini kit- Holiday cookies

You can download it on my blog, Creative bloom designs.

Maddy, it's been a while since I started with Dropbox, but I do remember it was very easy. This is the website to download the software, but at the bottom there are links for information, plus a link for a tour. Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone! Love all the minis! smiley

here is mine

The minis are really great this time. I LOVE ALL of them. Thanks everyone!

Here's mine.]AS Simple


My mini kit is available on my blog here I stepped way outside of my comfort zone here and I would love some feedback/suggestions.

Beautiful creations. I'm cutting it close this time....darn sickness.

Fabulous stuff, Ladies! Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

Joyce, I love this kit, but how do I download it??

@Lou Anne: You did a good job! I really like your kit, nice papers and elements! Bright colors. I like your papers, not one is the same!
@Shirley: I was also not able to download from Joyce, I only get a photobucket screen.

Okay I made it in under the wire!! Here is my BLOG

Here is the preview:

Yay Kiana! Hope you're feeling better.

That's beautiful Kiana! Love the colors and texture. smiley

hi ms shirley im sorry was in a hurry when i posted my blog addy its on there

hi love everyones kits great work ladies thank u. smiley

Wonderful mini kits everyone smiley smiley

Thanks everyone!!! smiley