Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Oct 17

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Oct 17

I pick the content, you pick the palette. Your kit should include ONLY the following:

- 6 papers
- 1 frame
- 1 bow/ribbon
- 2 tags
- 3 shapes
- 3 other elements

@Marisa: so happy to join this challenge smiley

YES! This is what I love to do...kits! Thanks for the challenges.

@Andene: i love to do kits too, it's super fun smiley

Hi all... I've never done one of these before. When ready, do we post the links back in this same thread? Thanks. smiley

I will try to contain myself to the list.... hehehe.

This is fun! Does it work the same as the train? Can we post a link to download so others can use your mini kit?

Here is my "little" kit, ahum. I am going to make much bigger kit called "Alice in Wonderland" out of it because I had so much fun with this one:

And you can download the full (extended) Mad Hatter Kit here.

And here is Alice, part II of the Alice in Wonderland Kit (this time I didn't follow Marisa's instructions but I don't know how to share, since I don't have a blog on digital scrapbooking smiley:

Part III:

Part IV you can get here.

The last part you can find here:

Thanks ladies for sharing all of your little mini kits! I like them very much. smiley

I'm definitely participating this month ^_^

I have mine here:

You can get it, along with the first part in my blog here:

Nadia!! Your mini is so awesome!! I can't wait to see how you design a full Alice kit! *edited* and NOW I am SOO excited to work with this kit. I have actually purchased two different Alice kits that I have in my stash and I am SOO much more excited to use yours. Thank you soooooo much for your generosity!

Man, this was so confining! Good exercise in self discipline. I wasn't sure what was meant by "shapes" so I just added plain shapes.
In honor of October being National Cookie Month, I made this mini-kit. These are 8.5 x 11 papers. The plaid, polka dot papers, and the ribbon are Marisa's template. The chevron paper is made with Brooke's template. The texture on the frame is from HG designs
Download at Dropbox.

Nadia and Cintia, both fun kits! Love the color combinations in both. I'm going to go download them right now.

You gals are very creative. This was fun! My first time ever making all of these items. I learned a lot and it was definitely a challenge! Even figuring out how to place all the items into the preview was a challenge lol! The PS tutorials helped me much along the way. Here's my mini kit with my favorite color combo of grays and purples. Enjoy. smiley

Winter Bliss - Mini Kit by zoenanai, on Flickr

And the blog link if you'd like to download:

@Amanda: Beautiful mini kit, I love the color palette too smiley Thank you for sharing! Will post mine soon ;)!!


Such a fun kit, Thank you!

I LOVE ALL of these minis! GREAT job everyone. They're all such unique themes and each one has it's own adorable touches.

@Cintia, that is the CUTEST little monkey!! I love your mini kit and the colors!
@Nadia, what a unique and beautiful kit! I LOVE it, especially the colors. My daughter will go crazy over this when she sees it, Alice is her favorite character EVER!!!
@Harriet, your kit is making me super hungry, haha. I love that you made your papers 8.5x11. I also love the colors!!My son is a cookie monster, so if I ever figure out how to do a decent layout, I'll scrap his cookie eating photos with this!!
@Amanda, Very STUNNING kit. I LOVE the colors, but especially the whimsical look of it all. Such adorable papers and elements, and the glitter is also beautiful!

Such beautiful work, I can't wait to see the rest!!

had so much fun creating this mini kit, even though i had a hard time choosing one palette..
you can download this mini kit below, enjoy!

Nadia, I absolutely love your kits! Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait for other parts! smiley

I have to give this one a try!! I love to create kits - this will force me to do a mini. Most of mine end up being huge!! I tend to get a little carried away. smiley

Beautiful mini kits ladies, had fun creating mine, you can find it in my blog, enjoy! ^_^

Jiovanna ♥

Awww this is so cute! Thank you for sharing!!!

@Tamara: you're very welcome ^_^

You all do such a great job! Beautiful!!!

Nadia - I LOVE your velvety frames. How did you create the texture or is it a pre-made one you already have? Would love to see a quick write-up of how you made the purple velvet frame if you ever have time to put it down on paper. I absolutely love it! smiley

Thank you Jiovanna & Sheila. smiley

Lovely ladies, you all did a lovely job. I think I may try to get my part done, so I can play too!!! Lol

Nadia, you've outdone yourself with these mini-kits. Great colors and textures! It will be fun to use them. Thanks again.
BTW I'd also love to know how you made the velvet textures if you do a tutorial on it.

I wanna play!!!!! Here's what I came up with!

and since I knew I wanted to add some flairs, you can grab those at my blog too

All on my BLOG ~> MY BLOG

Thanks everyone for all the great minis.

Nadia, this is so cute!!! I love all of it. Thank you for sharing. I have some perfect pictures to use with this kit. A few weeks ago I went to the Dallas Arboretum to see an Alice in Wonderland exhibit and took a lot of beautiful pictures. This is perfect to scrap those!!