Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Oct 17

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Everyone is doing such a great job! I am busily d/l a bunch of minis. Now I just need to get myself to the drawing board and get mine done. So much scrapping to do and so little time! smiley

All of these Kits are awesome! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Love what everyone has done with this challenge. I'm to get started on mine. smiley

I am blown away by these mini kits! I think I may just have to participate... smiley

Everything looks really lovely! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

What a great challenge!!
And what a wonderful kits already!

I hope you will like mine too:

Here is what I have created with it:

You can DOWNLOAD it at my blog.

Aww.. I love you colors palette and your mini kit Saskia, thank you for sharing! smiley
Beautiful layout too, I love it!!

Here is what I did for this challenge. I actually found to be more challenging then I ever thought it would be. I am not use to doing mini kits and and using just what the challenge called for made it harder. I really enjoyed it though and love my final result. You can grab my part HERE

I had NO INTENTIONS of putting the 'urban' word for 'prowl'!! Looked at it this morning and saw that I had prawl! HOW EMBARRASSING! That's what happens when you're sick and try to do anything...delusions take over. Lesson learned!
BTW- it has been corrected
Kit was inspired by my little buddies. Made one for males and one for females. Hope everyone enjoys them!!

Make kit -

Female kit -

Wow! Great job everyone!

Fantastic kits, wonderful art, ladies. TYVM for sharing. Since I'm fan of Alice in Wonderland, I adore that one.

Wow! Thank you all for the lovely mini kits!

Some more lovely kits coming in!! Thanks so much

Beautiful contributions ladies, I'm so happy to see that more people is joining the challenge! ^_^

Here is my try. You can download from my blog HERE.

I am so impressed with all the mini kits shared so far! Everyone has done such a

@Priscilla Ashley WOW! Such bold, dramatic colors! Perfect for Halloween. Those Halloween posies you created are especially cute.

@Andene Sailors Your dogs are adorable, and so is your kit. I love the depiction of the ultimate doggie dream--how clever and TRUE!

@Becky Wilson You had me at "morning coffee!" Your palette is perfect for your coffee theme and I love your use of textures. Just yummy!

@Saskia Stolk I love your "Lazy Sunday" theme and the mellow blues, peaches, and tans you've chosen to use are so serene and appealing! Your kits are always so sweet and this one is no exception. The cluster of elements on your sample page is DIVINE!

@Kiana Fitzpatrick I'm so glad you wanted to play! The colors your picked are so bright and spunky, I can't help but smile when I see them. My favorite pieces are the sunburst papers and glittery shapes . . . FULL-ON FUN!

@Jiovanna Aceves "Pleasure" indeed! Your sweet little kit is pure eye-candy--buttery yellow, mellow wine and soft warm charcoal--just delicious all the way around. Love the wonky shimmery heart and subtle texture on the frame. Little touches that make a big difference.

@Samantha Navarrete What an unusual mix of colors, but they work so beautifully together. I saw the page you made with this for the LAD Challenge before seeing your kit, and it really caught my eye and made me take a second look! Gorgeous lay-out and gorgeous mini kit.

@Amanda Brown Your "Winter Bliss" colors are so pretty! I love the sleepy fox and your beautifully decorated tags. (I struggle with tag-making, so I really appreciate a well-made tag!) Lovely kit, and lovely color combination.

@Harriett Humphries You always come up with the most fresh, unexpected themes for your kits, and this one is especially fun. Who doesn't love cookies? Such appealing colors you've chosen to work with, and I love the milk and stack of cookies element. YUM!

@Cintia Dhariana You don't "monkey around," do you? I "awwwwwed" out loud when I saw your adorable little monkey element. If ever there was a piece that deserved to have a whole kit built around it--there it is! You've done a wonderful job, as usual, m'dear.

@Nadia Slegers Oh, my! You really did a fabulous job with this challenge. I love all the glittery elements and the gorgeous BRIGHT color palettes. You've really done an outstanding job incorporating the "Alice in Wonderland" theme and I've enjoyed seeing a bunch of people make use of these kits in the gallery already! You are very talented, and GENEROUS!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their talent and beautiful mini kits! You all amaze me! *round of applause for all your efforts*

And here is mine . . . couldn't resist dabbling a bit with the Halloween theme since it is right around the corner.

Available at my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

@Holly: Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm glad you like it! ^_^

Holly- thank you sooo much for your kind words. And what a GREAT mini you've made. I love that word art and the bright Halloween colors are perfect!!!

@Holly: thank you very much for those beautiful words, i'm glad to know it caught your eye!
by the way i love your "BOO-tiful Dreamer" mini kit, perfect colors and beautiful texture.. smiley

@Holly:Thank you so much for the nice comment! You're mini kit is adorable. I love the spider and the cute wordart.

The link is on le blog!

Thank you Holly! Speaking of tags - I especially like your green one. Love the paper curl!

I also designed a mini kit for the challenge, and here it is! smiley

Download from here

And what i made with this kit;

here in the gallery

Cute Cute Cute kits coming in!!!! Great job ladies

@Elif: i saw the layout you made before seeing the kit and it just caught my attention, you did such an amazing job, i love how you combined the black and white photo with the green, just beautiful!! smiley

@Elif - I love your mini...the color combination is great!

Thanks Holly! It was too much fun creating it.
I, too, am amazed at all the talent here. Thanks to everyone who joins in on the challenges and share their work.

Here's my mini kit: Little Bit of Fall

It was really hard to restrict myself to just the items requested. I tend to create large kits because I don't ever want to stop!!

A special thanks for commercial use items: Snickerdoodle Designs' grungy floral overlay for two of the papers, Andrea Gold's flourish overlay for one. The tag, bow and flower elements were by pillowgirl; I created the rest - frame, shapes [chevron, star, and swirl], final element [beads], and my own grungy overlay for the last two papers.

Here is my Halloween mini. I could not stop making stuff, and I am still adding to it, so I will post my mini, but you will get a full kit by the time it is all done! I will update with the links when I am finished.




Here is a layout I made with it (plus extras)