Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Oct 17

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Chickie, that is AWESOME! I cannot wait to download it!! smiley I love that witch! Everyone, you did an amazing job! We will see if I can come up with something quickly here! smiley

I love all these mini kits! Great job ladies!

@ Melouise: Your rainy dayz mini kit is absolutely adorable! It represents the current weather in the Netherlands so well!! I can already think of a few pictures to scrap it with. smiley

I finally got mine done... hope you like it! Oh, and I pulled the color palette from PS's Nov Blog Train. Think of it as a sample of whats to come. smiley

Download links are on my blog:

smiley Catherine

Thank you all for the kind words on my rainydayz kit! Yes, I do my own drawing, and yes - my inspiration is drawn from the current Dutch weather, Sharon smiley I am currently working on the 'boy' part of this kit!

[@Catherine]: Oh that's really pretty, thank you for sharing! smiley

Very pretty Catherine!!!

Thank you so much ladies! I really like your minis, too!

Just an FYI to anyone that is interested in my Eeeekk kit, I have posted the links with my mini kit preview on the second page of this thread. It has 20 papers and 54 elements. Enjoy!

Thanks Chickie - it's gorgeous - they are all fab! Well done everyone and many thanks!

Thank you ladies for the kind compliments. And thank you for all the wonderful creative free kits.

Pamela, love, love your kit! Welcome to Pixel Scrapper...hope you plan to join the blog train for November!

Cynthia, what a great mini! Love the papers and the flowers!

Melouise, cannot wait for the kit!! I love these colors and the papers are just wonderful!

ooo ooo ooo ! It's just like Christmas. Thank you Ladies for all these amazing mini's! Chickie, I have to say you have made my favorite Halloween kit to date (My 8 year old minion agrees,lol. She started digiscrapping with me this year!). Saskia and Catherine I love your soft shabby chic kits,so versatile too. I can't really pick a favorite mini out of the crowd. They are all so wonderful. If you ladies keep designing I will need a second external to contain all this talent! Thank you again smiley

Thanks so much Ann, that is so sweet of you!

Amazing kits everyone! Can't wait to use them, Thanks!

@Ann - Thank you!! I'm glad you like it. smiley

Thank you, I Love it!

Super Cute, Thank you.

Thank you everybody - They are all great!

@Chickie-Thank you for the cute kit! I love the title!

@Hollywood-Thank you for the fun Halloween kit!

@Pamela-Thank you for sharing your first kit. It turned out really well. I'm so glad you were persistent with getting the links working. I really wanted to download it.

@Catherine-Thank you for the Pink Ribbon kit. I love the color palette you chose.

@Nadia-I love your Alice in Wonderland minis. Thank you for sharing them!

Thank you Linda! What a boost to my confidence! Thank you! I needed that! Let's hope I can join the blog train, if I can get something together soon enough.

Lovely kit Nadia, thank you