Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Oct 31

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Mine's on my blog!

Just a little thank you to everyone! Wonderful minis! smiley

Wow, lots of creativity and different approaches. Interesting and motivating. Great work ladies!

Beautiful mini's!!!! Gotta get started on mine.

Very Pretty Nadia, Thank you!

Here's my mini, Giving Thanks.

I included 10 papers, 5 wordy elements, 3 shape elements [2 flowers, chevron], 2 frames, 1 ribbon, and 4 misc elements [turkey silhouette, glitter swirl, cornucopia and leaves].

I hope you enjoy it.

OK, can someone tell me why my preview looks blurry??? It's at 300 ppi and 600X600. It doesn't look blurry on my blog. I use the same setting that I do for all my challenges on other sites and they never look blurry except here! I'm so confused. smiley

Very pretty, Samantha! I love the purples and greens and blues - one of my favorite palettes.

Cintia, I love the colors - so bright and cheerful!! I already have some pictures in mind!!

Amanda the colors are so happy! I love the pink and the designs are very 50s! Great kit

Tricia I love the soft colors! and I'm crazy about your papers! Great job for a first challenge. Keep it up!!

Priscilla blue and brown are one of my favorite color combos. Beautiful!! Love your elements.

aww thank you Linda.. i'm so glad you liked the colors, it is also one of my favorites!! (:

Beautiful mini kits everyone, i love all the colors you guys have chosen, thumbs up to all of you! smiley smiley

AWESOME mini's ladies! Love everything! Still working on mine... smiley

Here's mine. You can download it here.

Rachelle... this is a super cute mini kit... i love the colors & papers..

These are ALL so fun and creative!! Thank you for all the inspiration for pages, hope to get to work with lots of these minis soon!

Those are so cute Rachelle!

Linda, the information about your picture (right click and choose "view image information" in drop down menu to see it) says it is actually 320 by 320 pixels and the site is scaling it up to 600 by 600 pixels. That would be what is making it blurry. It doesn't matter how many pixels per inch a picture displayed on the web is saved at, web resolution is never more than 72 pixels per inch. Your preview will be crisp if you save it at 72 pixels per inch and 600 by 600 pixels. I hope that helps.

Thanks Holly! I'll try that. That's really weird because it's actually saved at 600X600. But I think I know what I did now!! I linked to the picture on my blog and apparently it's not at 600x600 after I posted it. Is there a place on this website where we can post our previews? The gallery seems to be for layouts. When I try to post the picture it asks for a URL. The only place I have a URL is on my blog. It doesn't give the option of choosing a file from my computer. So how does everyone else post their previews? I'm still learning!! smiley

Thanks Amanda! That will help tremendously.

Yeaaaa!!!! Thanks to Holly and Amanda, I now have my preview looking great! It's no longer blurry. I appreciate your I can mark off one more thing from my "worry about this later" list! smiley

Looking good ladies. I'm working on mine, think I'm just about done.

Looks VERY nice Linda. smiley

Thanks Amanda! smiley

you can download it HERE

Beautiful mini kits everyone, thank you for sharing! smiley

Mine is on my blog, here is the preview!