Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline October 9

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Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline October 9

A Mini Kit Challenge for you today!

Theme: "Back to Basics"
Breakdown: 10 papers, 30 elements.

Have fun!!

I'm trying to get something done on a beach theme, hopefully it'll be completed before the deadline

I know what you mean Dawn ~ I'm working on a theme called "Grandma's Kitchen". I have all the papers done & about 1/3 of the elements. I hope to get it done before the deadline too. smiley

ETA: Ok now two more elements left then shadows in the preview then packaging it up hehe....its getting there smiley

Ok I finally finished it. Phew that was a lot of work hehe ~ but it was fun!! You can download in one zip here on my website.

That's lovely, Jessica - thank you!

May I ask what "the basics" are? I looked back at another challenge of this kind and I *think* it might kind of get it. But then again, it seems to be an objective sort of thing as to what "basic" means I'm thinking.


@Debra ~ Thank you smiley

@Lisa ~ I was wondering too but since it didn't expound I assumed it was up to interpretation - might have been wrong there.

dang...I forgot about the Back to Basics thing when I did my kit so I guess you could consider it "basically not following directions". Oh well.

Dropbox Download

I went the literal route. Here's mine...

Download it from my blog.

Loverly kits again! Thanks -you're the best!
@Jessica.. loved Grandma Kitchen
@Karry... I live in Tucson so the hot chili is appreciated!

You ladies inspiring me every day! I think "back to basics" is just a point to start at.

Beautiful work everyone!

Beautiful work everyone!

Jessica, glad I wasn't the only one smiley. I had looked at Karry's from the other Challenge and with the addition of Pauline's, I think I'm getting it, by George! I also had a question for you - I love your kit "package" with the little whole at the top and bottom. I'm still trying to come up with a package and logo - is it okay if I use yours as a model?


@Karry ~ had to giggle at your comment! Love your kit! Now you have me wanting salsa because that's what I think of with your kit lol!
@Pauline ~ Great kit! Literal works too. smiley
@Poodle ~ Thank you & so glad you liked it!
@Lisa ~ I think a lot of these challenges [even blog train themes] show how we interpret them and that's pretty interesting to me! And of course you can ~ no need to even ask ~ I only modeled after store packaging myself. smiley

@Jessica, yes I do believe you're right and I agree. As I get more into this, I am seeing that most things aren't entirely cut and dried. I'd get a headache from trying to figure out what to put on the front of my package, or how to even begin to make a kit, and on and on. Now I'm seeing that things just kind of evolve as you go and learn.

Oh, and thanks for the model lol smiley I think it's so cute!


Finally have something in the works.. Now to just get it done in time!

Here is mine:

Download HERE

@Cintia...I LOVE your color palette! Great Kit and very versatile.

@Pauline - I love your kit! It's going to look great with some f my black and white photos. Can't wait to use it.

wow ladies, i see amazing kits here!! Thank you all!!

Okay, here is mine. I'm still learning how to arrange the previews - any input would be welcome!

Get it at my blog, Lavender Mint Graphics.

you can download it here

Here's my kit. When I read the prompt "Back to Basics", all I could think of were the primary colors smiley So I went that way and made a kit with red and everything in between.

Download on my BLOG

Such lovely kits. Gotta get mine together!

Lovely Kit, Debbie!

Beautiful Kit, Cintia!

@ Beverly ...Thank you smiley

@Cintia ~ Great kit! Esp love the hearts! smiley
@Lisa ~ Great job on the neutrals! Love it!
@Debbie ~ Very pretty kit! Love all the blue florals!
@Ella ~ What a beautiful red kit you put together!
@Linda ~ Would love to see what you put together!

Thank you, Jessica!

So many lovely kits everyone!


hi here is my kit and for everyone i uploaded my kits of the last months to my mediafire
account so will add that addy as well.
_on_10-8-14 ( i am new to sharing files with mediafire so let me know if it does not work pls.)
oh and my dropbox public folders are locked because of try 4shared or mediafire pls.