Mini Kit Challenge - Pets Add On -Deadline Nov 7

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Haha, try piling up cute lookin sheep - I have been giggling and squirming around in my seat all evening...

Even for a non pet owner these cute kits will be very useful.
Cintia, love the sweet guinia pigs.
Jiovanna, the birds are adorable, I can almost hear them tweeting.
KIm, dinosaurs are always popular and you've made a cute kit.
Melo, LOVE the cuddly sheep.
Holly, you've made even creep crawlies appealing.

Thanks to all for sharing.

Sorry I'm a little late everyone, but I finished tonight!

Find the d/l links at my blog:

Melouise, your kit is adorable! I can't seem to dl it, though. Has the link expired? Thanks!

Each and every kit is absolutely incredible! So talented, ladies! Thank you for sharing!

Ladies, Adorable kits!!!! Wouldn't have minded another dozen more!!! >giggle<

@melo: thank you SOOOO much@ It's adorable, and pretty much exactly what I wanted smiley

hi im sorry i could not do my fish kit but we had a death in the family i will do it for a freebie asap.

@Harriett: Thank you so much, glad you liked them! smiley

@Catherine: Your mini is so cute, thank you for sharing! smiley

Aww, cute, Catherine. Thanks for the kit.

These are all amazing!! We don't even have pets at our house and I still can't wait to use these!
I mean, every single one is super fantastic, but I've got to say, Holly, those are the cutest creepy crawlies I've ever seen!

OMGosh!!! These are ALL so adorable!

Those sheep are a must have! They are so incredibly Adorable!!!

And those creepy crawlies are anything but creepy. The look completely hug-able!!!

Thanks to all you ladies for your wonderful contributions. smiley

@Joyce; I am so sorry to hear about your family troubles. Don't you worry about not finishing the fish kit - this is all just fun and no pressure!

@Cindy: No, the link is still up. Maybe your adblocker somehow blocks the download? Let me know if a second try works, if not please send me a direct message via the forum, I'll send you another link.

hi thank you so much just getting back to it had over 1100 emails wew smiley

Hi everyone, I just realized my kit is missing an element. I'll add it in and update my d/l links today. Sorry!

So cute everyone! I'm going to work on a blog post for Wednesday, so please keep your links up and working!

OMGosh ladies, these kits are all so terrific! Thanks for sharing!

I love these kits! Thank you so much for sharing, what a generous community!

Fabulous kits - I am still laughing at the sheep!! Thank you all so much.

Thanks so much, Melouise! I did finally get it! It's awesome! smiley

Ladies, these are all fantastic! I'll try to pick one thing I *lerve* about your kit. smiley

Catherine- the fishies are so cute! and I love the papers, very beachy.

Holly- Gecko. I love that gecko. They remind me of Florida (where we lived for 4 years). smiley

Melouise- hahahahaha Nerd Herd, I love it! I've recently started calling my family that. smiley

Kim- The dino papers are awesome! My boy#2 happened to be looking over my shoulder and he asked if I'd print them out for him. smiley

Jiovanna- your kit is so cute, and versatile!

Cintia - The guinea pigs are adorable! We had a hamster, who recently passed away, and I think this kit is perfect for a lot of her pictures. smiley

The pet kits turned out great! Thanks everyone for sharing all of your darling creations with us!

@Julie: Thank you so much! smiley