Mini Kit Challenge - Valentine's Day

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Rachel, that's a FABULOUS little kit! smiley Great job!

Why does the majority of the post say 11 months ago. Is this challenge current?

Looks like it was a challenge from this time last year, Nae.

Thanks Amanda.😊

LOL I didn't even notice the dates! Someone else bumped the post by replying to it, I saw it at the top of the forum and decided to play along! So funny!


I din't notice the dates either.

That is adorable!❤

Thanks Nae. I'll try to upload to the commons tomorrow.

Oh Goodie! TY♥

I uploaded this one to the commons same color pallet with green added.

Would love to see it but it says my access is denied.😞

This is what I get.

Oopsie Daisy, Access Denied
Oops! It looks like you are perhaps not authorized to access this page? If you think this is an error please contact us and we'll get things sorted ASAP!

Nae, it may not be published yet....

I just checked I still can't get it. smiley

I can't see it either. Preview's visible in the forums, but the link to the location in the Commons produces the error Nae mentioned. Maybe the link's slightly off, like a typo?

Sorry. I uploaded the elements to both kits but can't get the full kits to upload.
You can pick up the elements and papers in in my designs


Thank you!

Thanks for sharing