Minikit Challenge - Brought to you by the letter J

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Minikit Challenge - Brought to you by the letter J

For this challenge, I want you to create a mini kit - the theme and color palette is up to you but you have to use the following prompts in your kit:

  • jagged (NOT a low-res item, though!!)
  • joyful
  • jewelry
  • jade
  • journaling (stamp/tag)
Your mini kit should include 5 papers and 15 elements. If you would like me to assign you a color palette or theme just let me know and I'll find something just for you.

Good luck! There is no due date on this challenge, so feel free to work on it if you first find it in two years!!

I can't wait to see all your creations! This is one of my favorite recurring challenges, so come back to see what letter K will bring you.




Holy Moly Shannon, that is really cool! Love it!

Really pretty. Thank you!

Sunny, you rock!

Thank you, Sunny!

Thank you, Sunny & Shannon.

Sunny, your kits are always so beautiful!

Thank you, Susan! Beautiful kit!

Shannon, I think I forgot to thank you for your kit! I'm so sorry! I do like it very much! Especially that green paper with the tea pots on it----GORGEOUS! I've already used it on a page!