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New Designer Challenge Forum

If you're here then you probably noticed that we've split the challenge forum into 2 for layouts and designers. I think ultimately this will be for the best, since I'd like to offer more challenges and I felt like things could get out of hand pretty quick if they were all together.

I'm also thinking to skip the monthly kit design challenge this month, try a bunch of other things and see how things go. Please leave any ideas you have or let me know what you enjoy and what you'd like to see.

Change is good, keeps life interesting. I like the idea of new type challenges interspersed with the monthly design challenge. Often (usually) I have trouble finding time to finish the month long challenges. And I really appreciate your keeping this site evolving with new ideas all the time.

yay! Weekly challenges work best for me. I can´t jump in this week though... but next I´ll be here!

Love the challenges in two sections - Great Idea . I found it really user friendly - Thank you smiley

Love change. How about a creation week just for templates of any kind either layout or other? or one for alphas? I like the monthly kit idea but sometimes find myself scurrying at the end. What ever you do count me in.

Love the extra variety! Kudos on the inspiring and ever creative challenges, keep 'em coming!

I don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but I think it's great that you're putting the deadline date in the subject of the thread. That helps me a lot! Thanks, Marisa!

Oh I wish I had checked this out earlier, I didn't realize the weekly designer challenge format would be changing. This looks like a lot of fun, I'll have to jump in next time I can. smiley

Deadlines are good, but unlike the layout challenges, I'm not actually giving anyone anything for these challenges, so I don't really need to close the thread for my own purposes.

So, I guess the question is, should I close and lock the thread after the deadline, or do you want them to hang around for a while after so you can play catch up?

It might be nice to leave them open, then that way if someone posts something they started but finished late, it can be bumped to the top and people can check it out/download it if its available.

Play catchup, I always seem to need that! Please leave it open a while longer, I love the challenges but can't always make the deadline.