Pass the Kit Oct 2014: Share Your Results

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Pass the Kit Oct 2014: Share Your Results

When your group is ready, we'd love to see what you've made! Share with us here.

Download bundle here

Download bundle here


Beautiful! Wonderful job ladies!



I'm posting my part for the Beginner's Group. This is new for us, so we weren't sure how to proceed with kit previews. We're hoping our leader, Andrea, is okay. We haven't heard from her in several days and her blog is gone! I think we decided to add links to each others' blogs in our group. I'm adding a link to this thread also.

ETA 2/16/15 - I redid parts of my kit and re-released it as a new kit.

Beautiful Lisa! Also love your part Nicole! smiley Great job ladies!

Thank you, Jessica!!

I was in a hurry when I put my stuff up and didn't get to give kudos to the "Somewhere in Time" kit - gorgeous!!


Wow very pretty kits ladies!

Very pretty! Great job smiley

I'll have mine up tomorrow. Some issues came up today. smiley

Thanks Marisa for organizing this, we had a great time working together as a team! Here is the Advanced Team 2 kit!

We will all have the kit posted on our blogs for download some time today. BUT we did a combined kit download so each blog has the same links. You can visit each blog and leave a comment of appreciation but you only need to download from one blog. The individual previews below are linked to our blogs. The alpha was a last minute add-on so as of right now it is only available on my blog, Day Dreams 'n Designs.

Day Dreams 'n Designs:

Dhariana Scraps:


This & That by Catherine:

Beautiful kits posted so far and very diverse considering we were all given the same color palette. Nicely done everyone!

Wow amazing kits smiley
I am posting my part of the intermediate group.

You can download it plus the add-on and glitters Here

I found doing this immensely enjoyable.

Wow, I'm just astounded by the lovely work here! Everyone is an amazing designer!

I also enjoyed the experience of working with these ladies. They were amazing!

You can get my part of the intermediate group's stuff here.

I love seeing what everyone came up with. Great job everyone smiley

Wow!! Such beautiful kits!! Love seeing all the creativity!!


Wonderful kits, Thank you!

great and diverse kits ladies.

Great job everyone! Wonderful mix of designs!

lovely results everyone

these are all beautiful kits everyone. I knew I wouldn't have the time to work on this one but WoW ... great work from advanced to beginners smiley

Excellent work ladies and thanx so much for sharing.

Wow, this is all such a delight! I loved this palette and it's really fun to see what everyone came up with, how we inspired each other, and so on. I look forward to getting a closer look at all these intriguing designs!

What FUN lovely kits... great work !

smiley T smiley H smiley A smiley N smiley K smiley S smiley

Well done, everyone - you have shown us all exactly what you are capable of! Wow... Just WOW!

Awesome kits, TYVM for sharing, I love each and every one of them. Ladies, you're fantastic.

I have to say I'm in love with that darn little squirrel!!

I am told they are little pests. We don't have them in Australia and I have always found them cute. Couldn't do a November kit without one of those in it smiley