Pass The Kit - Spring 2016 Advanced Team

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Pass The Kit - Spring 2016 Advanced Team

Use this group to communicate and chat. Also feel free to ask any design questions you have and need help.

Advanced Level

1. Elizabeth Minkus
2. Holly Wolf
3. Jenale Ullman
4. Jody Smith
5. Lorien Rezende
6. Paddy Wolf

Thanks Ania! smiley

Ladies, the train should go live on the 1st.

Ladies do you host one download for this kit or does each one of you hosts their own part?

I just sent out an email to hopefully tie up the last minute details. Thanks Ania!

we seem to have a bit of a problem.

since we're sharing our parts individually, i need direct links to every one else, but can't find them here or anywhere. blogs, facebook, no idea?!

because it's already midnight here and i won't be back untill tomorow, unless i hear from my girls in like 30 min with the links, i'll need to update my blog post tomorow and insert their links.

apologize for the inconvenience, ladies!

i'm linking to homepage for the time being!
sorry can't think of a better way to connect us at the moment but via mothership smiley

ania, i don't know how you're arranging things here on ps but in case you need a link to my part it's:

COPY OF EMAIL SENT 04/30/2016 AT 09:30PM (this is just another way to reach all smiley )

Hi all,

just read the note from Paddy in the forum. I would like to go ahead and finish making a combined preview and zipped files and upload them all tonight.

then if everyone wants to host their own parts on their blogs etc, once everyone is set I can simply take down the post with the combined collection.

it enables every one to meet the deadline, provides a breather if anyone needs one and allows us all to post as soon as we're ready.

unless i hear otherwise, i'll go ahead with this idea and we can keep in touch to change things when you're ready.

all design files in the google folder are separated in 2 ways: by type of item (paper, element, etc) and also by designers' initials.

you can download a folder at a time as a zipped file by single clicking on a sub-folder in the main google folder, clicking on the 3 dots next to the trash can on top menu bar, where you receive a drop down menu with the option to download.

click on download and the folder will be automatically zipped then downloaded to your computer when ready.

hope this helps, em

My post is up on my blog HERE.

We are posting our collection combined until everyone has time to post their individuals designs. smiley Once each designer has posted their work, we will delete this post. thanks! smiley Just click on the image to download.

My post is up on my blog now. You can find it here.

The complete kit is absolutely GORGEOUS (yes, I'm shouting smiley ) - thank you all so much for the lovely designs & for sharing them with us.

The one issue I've run into is that Lorien's blog link doesn't seem to be working, though it could just be Verizon being Verizon (the blogspot link redirects & the link it redirects to can't be found). I've contacted her but thought I'd mention it here as well.

Paddy - as always, I can't comment on your blog but I ADORE what you did. Thank you so much!!

Jody - I can't comment on your blog either (I haven't been able to comment on any blogspot blogs for over a year) but thank you so much for the wonderful kit. I can't wait to use the suns - they were especially welcome today, which is our second grey day in a row.

Elizabeth - I can read your FB page but can't comment so I'm leaving my thank you for the lovely, lovely kits here. Thank you so VERY much!!

To all - I'm so looking forward to unzipping everything & digging around in the goodies. Thank you!

I Love it! What an amazing job to all of the designers. Thank you dearly!

thanks to everyone for their lovely comments- you guys rock!

here's a little spread i made using our kit:

Wow .... amazing work everyone. Thank you all so much for sharing your beautiful creations. I didn't know about this until I got the newsletter from Marisa this morning. I took a designer mentoring class a couple of years ago and I know just how much time and thought (and TIME!) goes into making a digi-scrapping kit. You should all be very proud of your work. Bravo!

Well done ladies! This is a fantastic collab. Congrats!

Thank you everyone. Just beautiful!

fantastic job ladies

Everyone did a great job! WTG!

Wonderful job everyone!

Wow wat an amazing kit !!

Amazing! Thanks so much!

Thank you so much - I love these lovely colours smiley

Beautiful kit...I love it. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for a great kit! Is there any chance you could post the color palette? Since I start with color when creating my layouts, I file my collabs with the color palette (named folder) so I can see the colors at a glance. Thanks!

Beautiful kit... thanks so much! smiley

Gorgeous kit... Thanks to all smiley

Wonderful ! Thank you so much !

Really great collab. Lots of fun items, and love the bright, happy colors. Thank you, "Advanced Team"!

Awsome kits ladies. Thanks a lot

Super cool!! Thank you all so much!!