PASS THE KIT - Spring 2017 - KITS

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great job, ladies! i particularly love the paper dolls.

Amazing work, ladies! Thanks to everybody who contributed.

What an amazing job by all the teams! Thank you everyone for sharing your talent!

I am truly amazed by the generosity and creativity of the girls at PS...hats off to you all - Beginners (which doesn't look so in the least smiley smiley smiley ), Intermediate & Advanced. Thank you all for your wonderful kits - they're amazing!
Kudos to Marisa & the others responsible for this awesome site smiley smiley . And special thanks to Ania for tirelessly hosting all the myriad challenges smiley !

You all did an amazing job! Such talent!

All of these are beautiful! Outstanding job to everyone!! And a BIG THANK YOU!!

Girls! Elegant work! Beautiful paper,
Chic items !!! Thank you!! smiley smiley

These are all so wonderful! You are a bunch of talented Ladies!

Thank you all so much for a great body of work! I agree, this round was very successful!

Hello, ladies!

I'm in the Advanced Team, couldn't upload anything on my blog because I'm ill, but I will do it asap, thank you partners for you aid and it's been wonderful to work with you!

See you soon!

Thanks so much for all of the amazing kits you've shared.

Hope you are feeling better soon Sonia.

Thank you all so much, what beautiful kits brilliant colours, pages, clusters etc
Really appreciate what all you do and especially when you give them like this blog x

Amazing job ladies, I love paper dolls, they have been a great idea smiley

An amazing collection congratulations on all your hard work and creativity. smiley

Everyone did awesome thank you so much for sharing!

It all looks like great fun to play with. Good job, everyone, and thanks for sharing!!

I just wanted to give a shout out to the "Beginner's Team", and their Team Lead, Olga. What an amazing job from your team. And I feel that there are no real Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced levels - just different teams. All teams met the challenge and did a fine job - I just wanted to praise the first team for their accomplishments, professionalism, and working through the process. It's really a joyful feeling watching the pixel scrapper community learn and grow in such a supportive environment.

Ladies, y'all did such a WONDERFUL job! It's all just so beautiful! (although I will admit to being partial to the Intermediate Set!) Thanks so much for all the work you put into it, and sharing with the rest of us!

Thank You For All The Pass The Kit - Spring Parts!...Lovely Job Everyone!... smiley

Impressive work! Well done, ladies! smiley

I'm late with sending my kit for reasons of force majeure.
I ask you to quit primarily to my group - The Advanced Team

Available on my blog. The kits are hosted on mediafire and OneDrive

Thank you for participating, Marcela! Your kit is really great, and goes perfectly with all the other designs in our kit!

Marcela, you did such a great job. your kit looks great.

Thank you, Sunny and Ania.

Wonderful kit, Marcela! Thank you.

Thank you, Chitra!

@Marcela, I'm glad you could join in too! your part is amazing!
Thanks to all the lovely ladies I had the honor to work with! I loved the experience and I hope to do it all again!