September 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train

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September 2017 Commercial Use Blog Train

For each train, you will make between 1 to 3 CU element/paper templates (no more) which you will give away on your blog or here if you do not have a blog on September 15th. Your freebie needs to be available for minimum 2 weeks.

The Theme is

For this blog train, you can make anything that comes to your mind when thinking papers or elements for Halloween kits--some examples could be witches, ghosts, skeletons, bats, spiders, ravens, haunted houses, monsters of all sorts, costumes, old poison bottles or witches' brew ingredients, jack-o-lanterns, or things associated with the Celtic holiday of Samhain (the festival of the dead where the departed are honored and remembered as the ritual year ends). These have to be Commercial Use allowed.

We use a standardized neutral palette for this train. You can download the .aco file here: and the image file here:

If you have any questions let me know, and post your previews along the way so we can all see what you are making--I can't wait to see them!

On September 13th, I will make this post into the final list.

You can find the Pixel Scrapper Preview if you need it here: just download it add your logo and name and you are set.

I have a contribution for this train:
My son and I was drawing (with him telling me where to put the eyes, ears, etc...) when he said it would be awesome for the vampire to show only his hands as if he was trying to open his cape. But the position he wanted the hand was impossible and I asked him to imitate the vampire. He couldn't and we were laughing all the afternoon about the contortionist vampire. After a while our Kookie creepie circus band was born!

Edit: Are we supposed to have it posted already? You can click on the image to go to my blog and download. it is posted.
Hugs and Tx!

Download HERE

count me in!!!

I made 2 elements: layered in tiff, psd and png, 1 paper pattern, layered in tiff, psd, png and 2 paper overlay (1distressed)
Go to my BLOG to Download

Thanks ladies

smiley smiley Thanks for the fun !

Thank you. Both are very cute designs.

Thanks, all! Very cute!

My apologies for the delayed posting. Hurricane Irma brought us wind damage and almost a week long power outage, but blessedly no water damage. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their homes during the devastating hurricanes this year.

So here are a couple of sugar skulls -- in both PNG and AI formats. Hope you enjoy.

by Cully, on Flickr

Download available here.

Thank you so much! smiley

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thank you all

Love it! Thank you!!!

Cute Halloween bits and pieces. Thank you!

Thank you for all! smiley

Is there a way to still get the Witchy Word Art? When I click on it I get an error and if I search 'witchy word art' nothing comes up...


Eva, you can find Marisa's word art here.

If you go into the Graphics library, you can select filters for the designer and theme, which would be another way to locate the items you are interested in. I like these word art designs, too!

Thank you so much! smiley

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