Special Event - Marisa's Scrapbook Baby Shower HAPPENING NOW!

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Special Event - Marisa's Scrapbook Baby Shower HAPPENING NOW!

With Marisa expecting in November, it's time for a baby shower, and since we're all around the world, we're taking it virtual!

My plan for this is to make whatever you want for her--layout templates, journal cards, quickpages, more elements, etc. Let's help her document those weeks and months of firsts coming one after another--the birth, the first bath, the first smile, first solid foods, turning over, learning to push up, stand, crawl... We can't give her help with watching the baby or doing laundry or making meals, but we can make it easier to document all those firsts so she can get a little more sleep!

Since she's done a Baby's First Christmas bundle with this December's blog train palette, if you're designing baby elements for her, I'd recommend that palette. If you're not a designer and making decorated papers or quickpages is your skill level, there was a blog train a few years back titled "Oh Baby Baby" that's chock-full of classic baby pastels and neutrals that will work well. If you want to recolor another item to match, the Oh Baby, Baby palette is in this thread. Since we don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl, make boy/girl versions of anything gender-specific that you make, unless she tells us otherwise! [edit: Marisa has said further down this thread that it's going to be a boy!]

Just in case that baby gets here a little earlier than the doctors are saying, we're going to make this challenge due by October 15th.

Love babies and baby showers are so much fun! Even virtual ones smiley Count me in...now what to make...I'll have to think!

what a great and fun idea, Holly!

Woo! I'm in! I'm already making things for my own baby on the way, so double purpose! smiley

Lórien suggested that they'd done a similar scrapbook baby shower in real life for a lady she knows, and I was thinking it'd be a great idea for all of us here to be able to do a community thing for Marisa--I mean, we wouldn't even have this great community if it weren't for her! I love the idea of the community giving back to her and Jordan like this.

such a nice idea! I have no talent whatsoever, but I love the idea and I hope many people will participate in the virtual shower! (Now, I see people in a shower -a bathroom shower-.... digitally)

The predecorated papers I mentioned are basically layouts without pictures or much text on them, Ana--they're a good thing for non-designers to work on for this! Just create a layered background with the right shadowing, perhaps with a series of identical shapes on it or a border of baby elements, that can be used as a background for one of Marisa's layouts for her new baby. (You might end up making something useful for yourself at the same time! smiley )

This is a fabulous idea.

Thanks so much ladies!! Also, spoilers, it's a boy!


This is such a brilliant idea -- I love it.

Marisa, are you a traditional blue-for-a-boy person, or would you prefer other colours? If so, what are your absolute favourite colours?

Yay, what a fun idea!! I'll look forward to hearing what kind of colors she's interested in. smiley

My brother is expecting my first nephew just about the same time! Congratulations!!

Wowee! Congrats! A little boy! So exciting! This is a great idea for a baby shower!

Love the idea of a virtual scrapping shower! Some friends in one of my fiber arts communities gave me one several years ago. They did send physical gifts, but we had the 'party' online in a forum thread and it was so much fun, and very special, too.

And Marisa, please do let us know preferred colors. Believe it or not, I have a Little Guy who acutally LOVES pink! smiley

Congratulations Marisa! How exciting! smiley

What!.....Marisa and Jordan are having a baby,boy have i been a lil' ablivious.

Congratulations Marisa and Jordan!!

I am sooooooo very happy for you guys,wow,a lil' boy.

Such a neat idea. I can't believe it's getting so close to baby time!! I just had two classmates have their babies on the same day, literally at 3:33pm and 4:44pm. That'll go down in our "Reunion History". smiley

Congrats again, Marisa. Little boys are fun!!


Marissa had a very clever photo done for her announcement posted on her blog; to bad you missed it. Check it out here.

How wonderful, how amazing, a baby boy! And we are utilizing the December palette, I understand.......Can't wait to see the first layout for the little one! What a Christmas Present, Marisa!

Congratulations Marisa!

Congratulations, Marisa!!

I'll come up with a little something- are we confirming use of December's palette, Holly?

Coount me in! I kind of mixed up the palettes and made quite a few things with the baby, baby one, but I'll wait for the final decision... smiley

Congratulations to you and Jordan, Marisa! This is exciting and I can't wait to find out what colors you prefer!

wonderful idea!

Congratulations to you and Jordan smiley

AW! Many Congratulations x

Thanks ladies! We never formally announced that it was a boy when we found out. We were in the middle of moving, so we've just kind of been telling people if they ask smiley

Neither Jordan or I are traditional color people, so you don't have to worry about including a color we won't think is "boy" enough smiley. In fact, I'm probably not a real fan of traditional boy palettes. In general right now I'd say I'm most interested in softer colors, especially when scrapping. Although, I'm also a big fan of variety, so you know...

ok, so this is what I have so far: (I can change colors if needed...)

Edit: Corrected the mom overlay and added black versions.
Go to my blog HERE to download

I would love to partake in this event! Congratulations Marisa!! So, should I use the December color palette?? Or Oh Baby Baby? Which do you prefer Marisa?

So cute Cintia!