Template Pack Challenge - Deadline Oct 31

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Template Pack Challenge - Deadline Oct 31

It was suggested that you might enjoy working on a template pack as a challenge, so here goes! No specifics for you this time, except that you make a bunch of templates, elements, papers, words, the world is your oyster. If you need help getting started, I'd suggest doing a "designer lift," find a template pack you like and copy it as best you can.

Okie dokie. Will get to work on mine soon!!!

Goodness - I'm working on a Golf kit right now (at the request of my husband) so I think I will combine it with this as I work my way through. smiley

Okay I've got mine done!! Here they are and you can grab them on my BLOG

@Kiana: Really cute template pack! ^_^

Aww thanks Jiovanna, I appreciate that!!

Kiana, love the template pack! You are fast!!

Lovely templates, Kiana!

Linda- thanks. Yea, I had some time to play this week so figured why not!

Priscilla- thanks so much!

smiley i really love this template pack Kiana..

smiley Aww thanks Samantha!

Oh goodness, I think I will try this one... I've never made a template so it would be totally new for me! Thanks for the great example Kiana.

FANTASTIC work Kiana! I really love the chevron stripes and all the frames.

I really thought that making templates was so hard, because it seems complicated, but I find out that It's actually really fun smiley I had so much fun creating them, and even though it's my very first time creating them I really love how they turned out smiley I'm looking forward to keep participating in more challenges like this one and of course I will continue making more!

You can download them in my blog! ^_^

These look wonderful!

Thank you Maria, just tried to do my best smiley

@Tiffany- thanks so much. This was the 2nd pack I ever made so I'm glad everyone is liking them!!!
@Kari - same to you, thanks sooo much!!

@Jiovanna- those look so awesome!!! I love the colors you chose for yours too!

[@Kenia]: Thank you smiley they are the colors of design business! smiley

Ahh the colors of your design business?! That's awesome!

Hi all - I didn't even think about layout templates nor would I dare to try...lol! Here's my little template pack. I went with some folded paper tags (I guess they could be tags?) that I saw for sale on another website and had to make for myself. Basic shapes, but it was new to me and fun trying to figure out how to make them. If you can use them, they're posted on the blog. Link below. smiley

Folder Paper Tag Tempates by zoenanai, on Flickr

Blog Link: http://mandyslovabledesigns.blogspot.com/2013/10/freebie-folded-paper-tag-templates.html

Mandy, those folded paper templates are really cool!! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing!

Agreed smiley those are very cool .. thanks so much!!!

[@Kiana]: Yes Kiana, I mean those are the colors of "Jiovanna's Creations", If you go to my Facebook Fan page you'll see that my page is decorated with those colors and my blog as well.. and when I say business I mean because I sell scrap kits smiley

Yes, I understood. That was a great idea too. Wish I would have thought of that.

Here are mine. Very simple since it's my first time making them.

You can get them on my blog HERE. smiley

Great pack!!! Priscilla

I've never made a template before! Interesting challenge.

I hope I didn't misunderstand, but I decided to make a paper/element template pack...

Jiovanna, love this template pack!! I haven't even started on mine yet...a little nervous about it since I've never done one before.

Melouise, these are great! But where do we d/l them?

Amanda, those are really cool! I hadn't thought about anything like that either. Glad you decided to try it.