Template Pack Challenge - Deadline Oct 31

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[@Linda]: Thank you, glad you like them! smiley

Thank you Linda. smiley

@Linda: Nowhere (yet)... They will become available eventually, I promise!

@Kiana: Thank you so much! Yours are really great too! smiley

Well, I finally got my first template pack done! It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be - a little time-consuming, but fun. You can snag it on my blog.

[@Linda]: Really nice templates smiley

@Linda: such a beautiful template.. thanks for sharing! smiley

@Jiovanna and @Samantha:Thanks! Two I copied layouts I had created for challenges; the other two I created as I worked. I was a little surprised at how much easier they were than I thought they would be. I may be doing more now!

@Melo: Oh! I want those so much! The sort of pencilled rain one is especially original, but they are all unique and wonderful!! Coming soon to the Abloom blog, I hope...?

@Violet: Coming to a store near you in January smiley