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Text Challenge

Hi there and welcome to a new text designer challenge.

How about some text shapes or texts on paths? I really like to write texts in shapes...

Here is a set of layered files to use with your own journaling.
Free on my blog with this coupon code throughout June 2020 8CK6W7EX

EDIT June 16th:
A great way to work around the limited text tool of PSE9 is described in this here tut by Debbie Hodge.

I made these, but I don't like them very much... I don't know, I think there is something missing... I'll try to figure it out before releasing them. Do you have any suggestion?

smiley Cintia: Many thanks for joining in, your text shape and path look perfect! smiley

What do you mean missing? I think it looks great.

Cintia, maybe we share a sensation that I encountered making my text shapes and paths: When using a somewhat unusual shape for the text (I tried different ones and felt that way with some shapes) it is helpful to include the shape itself as a seperate layer in the final product file so that it can be underneath the actual text shape in a high transparency setting to ease the eye into shape recognition?
Then fonts: Choice, size, color, weight, leading, kerning, some font choices will nudge the eye into shape recognition faster than others will.

What do you think?

Yes, I see what you are saying when I analise your text shapes kit. I'll try that and see how I feel. Thank you for the suggestions Bina. smiley

Ok, this is what it looks now. (This add-on is so tiny, I am sharing the download link directly here)

Alternative download: MEGA

I think these look wonderful. Nothing missing from what I can see. Thanks for joining in on this.

Thanks for the coupon code. I will try these out. Independent Tif files with shape and text path was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.

Bina, Thank you for sharing your text shapes. Is a text path something you can make in PSE? I've never tried to make one, but thought maybe that my software was not capable. Anyway, I think text shapes are fun and appreciate your sharing!

@ Tricia: Is a text path something you can make in PSE?
Totes, pls click links in 1st post

Bina, I looked at the link in the first post, but it doesn't look like my program. I have PSE 9.0. The text tool does not have an underlined "T", but does have a "T" made of dashed lines that I can not figure out how to use. I guess I will research that later.

I made mine in PSE 12. smiley I used PSE 9 for a couple of months before I got 12 and I think there was a way around it smiley

Looking forward to your texts!

Oh! That’s a neat trick! Off to try that when the mini crafter finally takes his nap.

I had worked out how to do text in a shape, but text on a path has never worked well for me.