Theme Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Feb 13

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Theme Mini Kit Challenge - Deadline Feb 13

A theme challenge was requested, so this week your challenge is SPORTS. Good luck!

Great, a new challenge smiley It's going to be a good one! smiley

YAY! Thanks Marisa!

Yea...hope someone does golf!! smiley

i love this challenge.. can't wait to start mine!! thanks Marisa!!

Hmm, I have some ideas on this. I might just take part, for the first time!! smiley

I'm finally done with mine,
when I saw this challenge I knew exactly what kind of kit I wanted to create,
and It's about soccer, since daddy always likes to play soccer with the kids,
I knew this kit was going to be perfect smiley, We have so much fun!
& another reason I love this mini kit is because I'm using the same colors I used to create my very first scrap kit! smiley
I hope you like it as much as I do smiley Enjoy!
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can download this mini kit in my Blog

Great kit.. love those colors!

@Bre: Thank you! smiley

Here's mine! The download link is in my BLOG

Thanks for the idea Karry!! I've been meaning to do a golf kit but tend to forget! smiley

Thanks for the football kit.


You're welcome!

Our main sport...
[img][/img] [img][/img]

download at Dropbox

Harriett...I LOVE IT! That kit is beautiful. Can't wait to use it.

Thank you for the Soccer kit.

Thanks, Karry. It was fun to put together and I may even use it myself.

I love the golf kit- especially the vintage feel that you gave it. My husband's whole family are golfers, so I am super excited about your kit!

It's been such a busy week but I'm glad that I had some spare time
to finish this challenge, and here it is..
• • •

Head over to My Blog to download!
• • •
Ps: Everyone is doing such a wonderful job, thank you all for sharing your designs!

Here is my go on this challenge ( fabulous works ladies!!!1 I am in awe with your contributions!!!! smiley )
You can download from my blog HERE


Super Cute kit!

I wasn't going to do this one initially, but I watched the Winter Olympics and found myself a little bit inspired.
It is still a bit piecemeal though! Sports was certainly a challenge for me!!!


Download it from my blog here

Made a little bit of some of the many sports.

4shared - elements - AS PSsportsMini
papers - AS PSsportsMini
Gdrive - elements

Love them all....great colors.

These are all great!!! With the Winter Olympics, there should be a lot to choose from!!!
Hope someone is doing bowling smiley

This is my first kit! Hope you like. You can grab it here.


So many cute kits. I'm glad I have sports minded grandchildren so I can use them. Thanks, ladies, for sharing.

Love the bowling kit, Karry!!! smiley
Actually, I'm loving all the kits!!! More! More! LOL!!!

I love the bowling kit. Thanks for creating this for the sports theme. I can't wait to use it!!

Great kit, Karry!

Thanks for the compliments everyone smiley