Weekly Challenge - Blending - Deadline Sept 19

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Weekly Challenge - Blending - Deadline Sept 19

Something that always catches my eye is blended layers. You'll probably want to play around with the blending mode options. Different modes will give you different looks. Make whatever you'd like using this technique.

Love this! Won't have time to play around with it until well after the deadline but totally will!!!

This can be very tricky!

My attempt at blending an "artsy" layout.

Here in the gallery

This is what I made:

I really can't wait to see what everyone else does. So far Harriet and Andene made lovely interpratations of the challenge! smiley

I made some journal cards. Enjoy!

Download Cards

Lovely blending so far ladies!

This is for Entry in the Blending Challenge

The squares diagonally across the page are what I blended using Overlay (Made the black dots overlay)on the left half of the square and Hue (Made the dots pink) on the right half of the square. I designed it as a paper or Background but I think the colors are a little too much so I made them smaller to not overpower the page.

I Created the page with help from Creations by Marisa Lerin from her Purple & Greens Kit and Creations by Janet Scott from her It's Elementary My Dear Kit

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to do the layout as a link to take to the gallery.

Cool cards Judy!

I know I am a little late. but here is my blended ATC Card

Here is my response to the Blended Challenge! I used the October Blog Train palette and Marisa's tutorial for making plaid paper from scratch. (It's awesome and it's available here if you haven't tried it out yet.)