Weekly Challenge - Designer Lift - Deadline Sept 12

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Thank you all girls!!!! smiley I am glad you like and are finding ways to use it!!!
@Melo: Oh my God, this is so wonderful!!!!! I really love it! smiley

Cannot wait to use that brush Cintia. I have loaded it into my brand spankin new PS program. I just cannot seem to DO anything but load brushes, styles and actions.
Actually CREATING is beyond me so far.

But thanks. Once I learn I KNOW I will use that awesome brush. smiley
Have I mentioned you are a serious FAVE designer. (you may have seen that I have used 2 of your kits in my first couple layouts)

You are doing wonderfully Kay! I think your LOs are lovely and making them is a great way to feel more at ease with the program. You'll be designing in no time!!! (Check the awesome tutorials section here also.)

Wow these designs and entries are amazing!! Cintia, many, many thanks for the brush and the idea for making torn paper!! (which i luv!) Melouise, thank you for asking about this process and your tag is just beautiful! Harriett, your flowers are stunning, just incredible! Rani, your paper turn out just lovely and very well done! That must have taken awhile to make the whole paper. Elif, your envelope is really good! What a tough item to make!!

You all are very talented and creative!! Way to go!

Copying allows you to visualize and critique your own work

Thanks so much for sharing this, it will come in very handy