Weekly Challenge - Flowers - Deadline Sept 26

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Weekly Challenge - Flowers - Deadline Sept 26

This week your challenge is flowers! Make a paper, make an element, do something else...it's up to you!

I made one! I am very happy with how it turned out! smiley

My flower. The template can be downloaded at Dropbox so the color can be changed to fit any layout. I couldn't decide if I liked it with bevels, so I left them off but they can be added to the template if you like.

Very pretty girls.
I gotta get on this tomorrow.

Here are 2 flowers with a little different look. There is a template to change colors also.

Dropbox link

Nice flowers, Cintia and Cynthia. Thanks for the template Cynthia.

I used a template from here and played with filters

my very first element smiley

Love all the flowers ladies! Thank you. Here is a flair to add to the mix! You can grab it from the link below. Just right click on the pic and use the save image as option. It is a png file.
I can't seem to get the image into this post, sorry about that!

Here are some painted chipboard flowers for you!


hi everyone my first try at posting something hope this works right lol a flower i made.joyce

here are more

hi i hope they are not to small of previews im gonna be posting my blog and freebies soon there more flowers but just posted these im new to posting some etc i hope someone likes these have a great day.joyce smiley

needed the push to practice digital painting....

I used the October Blog Train palette and a cool felt action from "CU by Day." *toots own horn* I'm rather proud of my custom shadow on the button center. I hope it looks like the button has wrinkled the felt a bit where it was tied on.

hi ladies love them all smiley

Lots of great flowers ladies and thank you for all the downloads..
Love the shadow on your button to felt, Holly.
Harriett thank you for the template.
Great start Elizabeth on your digital painting.

wow... such awesome flowers in here!
Holly- you seriously inspire me! smiley