30 Days Layout Challenge Rules/Info

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30 Days Layout Challenge Rules/Info

Woo! I'm so excited about this challenge. I feel that we are all going to be super productive and make beautiful layouts this month! Here are a few details and instructions to keep in mind:

  1. If you haven't already, leave your goal number of layouts for the month here. Don't worry if you're joining late! We're glad to have you.
  2. Please tag any layout you're counting towards your goal with "30 days jan 2014".
  3. Please share your layout in the prompt thread that it completes. (If you didn't use a prompt, place it here.)
  4. When you post a layout to a thread, please also let us know your goal rate (as in 3/21, if it's your third layout for the challenge and your goal is 21).
  5. As the prompts are published, I'll be pinning them here for easier viewing.
  6. Have fun! I'll be posting prompts momentarily, and more will follow. Feel free to repeat prompts if you like them, or to do your own thing and ignore them completely.

Also don't forget to link to your layout in the gallery for easier *heart*ing and commenting smiley

I used assets from this site, this is my first one, don't know if this is the right topic for:
Challenge Prompt 17-holidays.

I think this is a beautiful page Lenie5. Love the way you have used the elements and papers with the gorgeous photos. xxxx Hugs Maureen

Great layout Lenie5!

The holiday thread is here.

Also please post your layout in the pixelscrapper gallery so that others will see it and are able to comment & smiley it. The gallery is open to everyone you can find out how to get access here. Hopefully you will do this, I am excited to see more of your layouts. smiley

Thank you, both, I did ask for access to the gallery but I don't know how I get there.
Yes I look over to put my layouts into the gallery....
I'm going to try to come to the gallery..

I get the email for access to the gallery, but I have to fill the points (3) who needed, but I did this twice?
Can't still into the gallery?

Hi Lenie!

Looks like you are having trouble locating the gallery upload part? There is a guide on how to enter (and upload) your gallery on the help page: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/help. You can read the "guide to uploading your layouts to the gallery".

As to the points you need to fill, I am not sure what you mean there. Maybe, if that's easier for you, you could explain your troubles to me in Dutch? (In case you didn't know, I'm Dutch too smiley)

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