30 Days Prompt #10: Recipe Challenge

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30 Days Prompt #10: Recipe Challenge

Follow this recipe to make your layout:

  1. Use 5 different patterned papers.
  2. Use 1 solid paper.
  3. Use 3 different splatter brushes.
  4. Make your title vertical.
  5. Use circles.
  6. Use no more than 10 elements (not including the circles from step 5).

Yay! I love recipe prompts!!

I just could not do the circles. But I did everything else.

This should be fun. smiley

Hope I got em all lol

Finally! I finished mine tonight. I'm so happy with how it turned out too. Though I used the wood paper as my solid (it was the best I could do). I tried out some watercolor paint brushes as well. Had fun with this one. smiley


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