30 Days Prompt #14: Let's Play Bingo

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30 Days Prompt #14: Let's Play Bingo

Pick a row (vertical, horizontal, diagonal or 4 corners) from the bingo board below and do everything it says.

Layout Posting Reminder: Don't forget your layout count and the special challenge tag "30 days jan 2014". For more info see here.

ooo This will be fun. I randomly (didn't read them first) picked the vertical row "I"

here is my layout:



This is cool! Have to try it.

Lotsa fun!

This game sounds fun, let me see what I can create smiley

Here I am with my final layout,
I really love how everything turned out, the colors, the quote, everything
I chose the second Horizontal row starting from the bottom! smiley
I'm feeling so creative today!
"An Artist cannot fail; it is a Success to be one"
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can see my layout in my Gallery

Nice job Jiovanna. Here's my attempt. I went with the 2nd horiz. row from the top and it was very difficult! Less may be more, but it feels like more mental work to use less and still feel creative...lol!


I made the papers and elements as I went along and started getting confused about what actually counted as elements and what didn't. Assuming cutouts don't, then I did ok...lol! I used the wording/word art as my journaling.

@Amanda: Thank you, you did a great job as well!! smiley

I did 'B'

middle row across.

Without looking I chose "O" straight down smiley (This is my second ever digiscrap page smiley)

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