30 Days Prompt #2: Photo Swap

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30 Days Prompt #2: Photo Swap

I'm posting this one a little early, since we'll need a sign up for this one as well. If you'd like to participate leave a comment below. I will assign partners on January 20th. You will then email a photo/s to your partner and they will create a layout for you! We've done this before and it's pretty fun. Please only sign up if you can promptly send a photo around the 20th of January and will have time to complete a layout for your partner.

Catherine Olson
Nan Williams

Amanda Cross
Sharon-Dewi Stolp

Emily Silverman
Lorey Lyons

Ana Carmen
Sarah Lewis

Tiffany Johnstone
Kaleena Farmer

Jess Townsend
Lorien Rezende

Elif Sahin
Marisa Lerin

Layout Posting Reminder: Don't forget your layout count and the special challenge tag "30 days jan 2014". For more info see here.

I loved this challenge the previous time, so count me in this time as well!

ooo this was really fun - put me on the list too

I'm in too smiley

Yes please smiley

I have done this before and it was fun! Count me in.

Yes please!

Me too!! I loved this the last time!

Last time it was really fun. I want to play again smiley

Loved this one last time, too! Looking forward to doing it again!

I'm in.
This is Sharon's photo of her and a close friend. I thought they might be bringing in the New Year. smiley

Count me in!

cuenta conmigo

This could be fun! smiley I'm in!

Partners have been posted! Please email you partner a photo in a timely manner!

I finished mine smiley Hope you like Marisa!

That was fast Elif! I just sent my pics to Kaleena and I thought I was ahead of the game!

I just wanted to finish earlier ^.^

Looks great! I still have yours to make! I'll do it soon.

I created this page for Amanda. I hope you like it! smiley


This one is for Catherine Olson

Here is the page I made with Kaleena's photos.

My first thought when I saw the photos was of that song "Young at Heart". The Jimmy Durante version. Hence the lyrics.

I love this page. The photos are from Monday. It was my grandma's birthday and going to have banana splits was just one of the many things we did that day.

Tiffany can you email the page to me so I have it large enough to print to put in my book? That would we awesome.

this is for Sara hope you like greetings.

This is the page that I made with Tiffany's photos. I love how it turned out.

Made for Emily, with a few adorable photo's of her handsome guys smiley -hope I got the right holiday! Ha!

For Ana Carmen--I hope you like it!

(I love the one you did of my photo!)

Here's my page for Nan! smiley

Aww!! Well, I love them both! Too precious. smiley Thank you so much, Emily smiley


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