30 Days Prompt #2: Photo Swap

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Fun layout everyone! I made this one for Elif. Cute little guy!

Kaleena, I sent you the big file, right? Not the gallery version? I want it to be the best quality page for you. As long as the file doesn't say
-gallery, it's the right one.

Yes, you did send the big version. smiley

Jess just sent me two awesome photos! I never scrapped with a photo like those ones before, and I have seen only few layouts on this theme. I feel sooooo lucky I got her as a partner. I´m starting to think that it´s the best challenge for me to make me think outside the box, as the first time we made it Nan also sent a photo that made me do one the layouts I most loved to make - ever!

Lorien, I'm glad that you liked the photos smiley
Your photo is making me think too!
By the way, feel free to take the watermark out!

Inspired by the photo provided by Lorien smiley
Here, in the gallery.


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