30 Days Prompt #6: Roll the Dice

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30 Days Prompt #6: Roll the Dice

Use on or two dice to determine how many of the following to use. If you don't have dice you can use this online dice roller.

___ Photos
___ Patterned Papers
___ Solid Papers
___ Elements
___ Time to repeat an element

Layout Posting Reminder: Don't forget your layout count and the special challenge tag "30 days jan 2014". For more info see here.

Here are my "rolls" - used the online roller smiley

4 Photos
11 Patterned Papers
9 Solid Papers
10 Elements
9 Time to repeat an element

I will update this post with my layout when I complete it
Here is my attempt:

I tried very hard (for about 3-4 hours) to use everything but I failed. I used 4 photos, 11 patterned papers, 1 solid paper, 1 element and an alpha HAHAHA the good news is that I LOVE the final result and that is what matters right?

2nd roll of the dice (I want one that I can complete smiley) :

6 Photos
4 Patterned Papers
7 Solid Papers
8 Elements
3 Time to repeat an element

2nd attempt was a success:

I was able to use everything I rolled out this time smiley

11 patterned and 9 solid papers?! after seeing your numbers Kaleena, I'm definitely just using one die.

@Catherine: But then where's the challenge? smiley

I think that online dice roller is broken...lol! I rolled six times and then realized there were only 5 items on the list here but these are the numbers I got: 777447 (haha) Soooo...

7 photos
7 patterned papers
7 solid papers
4 elements
4 x to repeat an element

Kinda curious how this is going to turn out. smiley

*********************** RESULT ***********************

That was harder than I thought it was going to be. All those photos w/all those papers was definitely a layout challenge! My first attempt was a mess and this was my second. I went simple and used the solids for photo mats & the arrows and the patterns as papers strips & background. smiley


I also used the online dice roller with two dices and this is my list:

5 photos
4 patterned papers
8 solid papers
3 elements
4 times to repeat an element

*Update* Here it is:


Used the on line dice roll and got.

5 Photos
4 Patterned Papers
5 Solid Papers
11 Elements
7 Time to repeat an element

Photo: 6
Patterned paper: 9
Solid paper: 4
Elements: 9
Times repeating one element: 7

7 Photos
7 Patterned Papers
5 Solid Papers
8 Elements
6 Time to repeat an element


Okay, so I'm pretty sure I got it all. Lol

3 Photos
5 Patterned Papers
6 Solid Papers
9 Elements
5 Time to repeat an element

I hope I counted everything right!

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