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Community Sponsored Challenges

It was recently mentioned that it would be fun to have challenges posted from other people, and I agree! It's somehow less fun to take part in a challenge that you posted, so I'm keen on this idea for selfish reasons. Also, then I don't have to think of ideas. Win Win.

So, if you have a specific idea for a challenge, please email me ([email protected]) the text to post along with any images that are needed. I will then post the challenge at an appropriate time.

Also, if you consider yourself a designer I will accept some challenges that come with a special freebie to get started (a layout template, etc). If you're interested in this, just email along the freebie you'd like to include.

Looking forward to what you come up with!

I'll work on some ideas. This may just get me to figure out how to make a template myself!

ooo, yes! I would love to do a mini kit style challenge and make a mini kit for everyone to use to make a page!

Nice Idea Marisa! As soon as I have some extra time I´ll send you somehting smiley

I love this idea! I'm on board! x

@ Tiffany - You totally should!!!

I am not a designer. I am often doing albums that involve Australian animals. Would love to see a challenge where these are used so I can get more ideas.

This is a great idea. I will think about something and let you know.

What if there is a challenge where you pick a letter of the alphabet and everything associated with that mini-kit is associated with that letter. I think people would have to post the letter they are taking so letters aren't repeated. Of course this is for selfish reasons since I am teaching my son the alphabet...but it would be neat to see what people came up with...especially if you're stuck with "X"...haha. You will really need to think and be creative. All the kits would then sort of "go together" as well I think.

Here is at least a cheat for colors

Karry, I love that idea!


I sent ya an email on Wednesday, but I'm re-sending it again tonight!

hmmm.... have to get out my thinking cap. We're doing serious rebuilding/renovating trying to get the house ready to sell.... But I am intrigued by the idea smiley

I can never get enough challenges- so I love this idea!