December 2019 Template Challenge

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December 2019 Template Challenge

Welome to the December 2019 template challenge .

Please use this template by the lovely Dawn Prater for your layout. But you can also use any of Dawn Prater's pocket layout templates.

smiley Many thanks to Dawn Prater for providing this template and numerous other beautiful PU scrapbooking supplies free of charge for PS members in the Commons section! smiley

I was drawn to pocket pages for Sharon-Dewi Stolp's jaw droppers of pocket pages in recent challenges. Her pages made me look for pocket pages in the gallery again and I found so many absolutely beautiful pages.

Please let us know a little about you and pocket pages! Like if you make pocket pages, why and how?
I used to make them pretty much on a weekly basis because they are quickly put together plus to me they provide great, natural framing for each photo. I had used up all of my physical supplies thus sticking to hybrids, not feeling that I missed or needed anything else.

Link your layout here in the forum to your gallery.
Doing this makes it much easier for others to find your layout and smiley or comment on it.
If you don't know how to do this there is a great tutorial

Here is a layout I made with Dawn Prater's template. I used all of what the template had on offer, except one pocket.

Challenge ends when December 2019 does.

You may enter as many layouts as you'd like for a challenge, but please only post your layout to one challenge.

And before I forget, please smiley support my feature request for the gallery and vote here.

smiley Please, also credit the graphics you have used for your page in the gallery and do mention the designer's name of a template or an element, such as a flower or a paper, you are using if attribution is not an option. Many thanks! smiley

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when December 2019 does.
  2. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like but please post them to only one challenge.
  3. Do remember to tag your layouts with these two tags: dec 2019 template, dec 2019 layout challenge
  4. Please add it to the example layouts for the appropriate kit by following these steps.
  5. See entered layouts here.
  6. See updated rules here.

Looks fun Bina! What a great template Dawn! Hope to be able to create a layout later for this one!


Thanks so much for playing, Gina smiley. Such a creative layout. I could imagine opening this up as a card. Looks wonderful. smiley

Thank you Bina. Pocket pages are a challenge for me.. that why I enjoy these challenges so much. It pushes me to step outside my comfort zone.

smiley Thank you so much for joining us, AMarie, with this fantastic page and photos. Simply gorgeous!

Gina... beautiful layout! I sometimes forget I don't have to do every layout with photos!
AMarie... another FABULOUS layout! So beautiful! smiley

Thanks so much for joining us, Dianne, with these beautiful pages. Love the way both turned out! smiley

It was fun Bina, thank you for the challenge smiley

I'm a sucker for templates that I can load up with lots of photos.

December week 1

Becky: Fantastic page, loove it: the photo focus, the journal, the brilliant matching and lil cluster....might have the same tray..... Many thanks for playing along, Becky, with your fantstic layout. smiley

Bina - is the tray from Ikea? We have one for each kid, and use them all the time for art projects and other learning things! And thank you!

Might just be, or from an op shop smiley

very beautiful pages ladies! smiley

lovely page Dianne smiley

Here's mine:

So beautiful, @Bourico, love the split photo effect.
@Dianne: Such a great page, love your colors and all the lil details, the photos are just so sweet.
@Emily: Love all the Christmas joy of this incredibly cute photo session. Such great shots! Fantastic page.

Many thanks for playing, y'all. smiley

many thank Bina, and thank for this challenge to! smiley

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