Find a Layout Bingo - Win A Free Bundle - June 2018

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Find a Layout Bingo - Win A Free Bundle - June 2018

I thought it'd be fun to try out something a little different this month. This is not a regular layout challenge where you make something. Instead, the challenge here is to find layouts in the gallery and leave them a little comment. Use the bingo card below to find five layouts in a traditional Bingo win (diagonal, horizontal or vertical line). Once you've found a layout that matches a clue on the bingo card, leave a comment on the layout letting the creator know something you love about the layout. Also, leave a comment here on this thread with the five layouts you found. Everyone who plays this month and leaves a comment below will receive a free bundle at the end of the month (June 2018). Hope you have fun!

Oooh this sounds like a lot of fun! What a great idea Marisa - it's such a fun way to send out some layout smiley ! [I'm really visual so I love adding the layout. Hope that's ok!]

Photo Collage :

Baby :

Three or More Patterns :

Black :

Stripes :

this is fun!

two photos: Mulching

pocket style: ADH_vacay1

black & white photos: Adventurers

frame: You Cannot Keep Spring From Coming

baby: Buf0518

Two photos: firefighter Brennan and Aliya
Pocket Style: Sleep Time
Black and White Photo: Catch 22
Frame: A day wrapped in Snowy perfection

Great idea for a challenge. Hope to get to do this.

that was SO COOL! I tried to find older layouts that I hadn't seen before smiley

Photo Collage: (MacGregor Vacation Collection)

Baby: (Little Flower Girl)

3 Patterns: (Songbird)

Black: (Me & My Sisters)

Stripes: (So I don't forget)

Oh so much fun!!!
Here we go...

  1. White Background
  2. Two Photos
  3. Purple
  4. Plaid
  5. Stars

This also helped me with my inspirations!! Wow!! Loved doing this!!! Lately I've really needed things like this.

Thank you,

lol thats a LOT of info for my adhd brain smiley i will have to give it a shot

Stars -Just love the edge the page has...

Layout I'd copy - I like a lot about this page minus the pink smiley

Polka Dots - The colors caught me but then I thought about it some more and I like that there is no journaling or title even...

Frame - Well I do love doodles smiley

Photo Collage - Boxes in our house are hot commodities in our house!!!! Currently we are packing to move so I literally have to hide them in the attic. Between my son and the cats there is NEVER an empty box sitting around. smiley

Photo Collage -

Frames -

Polka Dots -

Layout I would copy -

Stars -

Super fun !!! No clue why the first one is so big lol!!

What a fun idea! Hopefully I will have time to do this. Thank you. smiley

Everyone who posted before this comment should have their free kit. Thanks for playing! This game is still open till the end of the month!

I did not receive mine smiley

Thanks, Marisa!

Yes! Thank you Marisa, i am very happy! smiley

oh boo! I didn't receive mine either. I'll be patient. smiley

I didn't receive mine too. smiley

@Marlyn: You should be able to download a free kit now. You'll see it says free in the pink download button.

@Sharon: Since you have a subscription, I don't think the free kit will show up, since your kits are technically free already. It should show up should you ever cancel your subscription.


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