Find a Layout Bingo - Win A Free Bundle - June 2018

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I didn't receive mine yet, but I kept re-reading the initial post and it says,

Everyone who plays this month and leaves a comment below will receive a free bundle at the end of the month (June 2018).
So, I was expecting to receive it at the end of the month. Either way is fine, I'm not in any rush, just appreciative of the offer!

Plaid A Layout I'd Copy Vertical

Lots of Layers Black

and apparently I was drawn to layouts with pink today... smiley

I sorted randomly so I'd get a good mix and see some of the older ones.

Photo Collage:


Polka Dots:

Layout I'd Copy:


Im new - how do I rotate my photo?? smiley

Wow that was so fun playing Bingo! It was very hard to pick just five. There are SOOO MANY beautiful pages.
purple - /
flowers -
polka dots -
three or more patterns. -

a bonus page that didnt fit any of my bingo squares, but I loved the page!

Sorry I forgot to thank you Marisa! Thank you!

@Catherine when you look at your pic on your pc, "right click" on it and choose rotate and then re-upload here. smiley Hope that helps.

I thought that there was a bundle, that you got just for doing this challenge, that's how it sounded and how it worked at other scrap clubs. it's ok though it was fun to do anyway. smiley

White Background:

Pocket Style:

Polka Dots:

Many Layers:


Everyone before this comment should have received their free kit.

@Laura: I'm guessing because you have a subscription the free kit isn't showing up, since your kits are already free. I *think* when/if you unsubscribe it may show up. smiley

Thanks so much, Marisa!

Thanks so much Marisa! Yes, I did play the bingo and wrote that before subscribing, but no worries, I'm truly happy currently, and fully satisfied! And really enjoyed playing the Bingo game! I need to go to the Layouts more often!! I love looking at them!! Amazing creators!

Thanks for playing along with this fun challenge everyone! You should all have your free kit download.


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