Happy Birthday Pixel Scrapper!

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Happy Birthday Pixel Scrapper!

If you're looking for a part of the scavenger hunt, look no further! Click here.

As long as you're here, be sure to check out the super fun Layout a Day challenge we're having this month. It's not too late to join us! Just make a goal of how many layouts you want to make this month, and then browse through all the super fun prompts. More are coming! If this isn't the month for you, be sure to encourage those participating! You can see all the layouts here.

Found it!

This one was a little bit easier to find than the one from the gallery, thanks for another great piece to the collection smiley

@Debbie ... it definitely was!

Thanks, Marisa! smiley

Whoo hoo! I found it too. So fun! Thanks, Marisa.

Thank you!

yay!! i found it.. thank you smiley

LOL I've still be looking in the gallery!! Didn't notice it said "forum"!! Duh! Just piece 9 eluding me now ...

Thanks, Marisa!

Ok now I am seriously worried about the brain cells - I already have piece 9??!! When did that happen? Maybe I'll have an early night!

Wow I found it and now have them all! Thanks for a fun Scavenger Hunt Marisa!!

I finally found my last piece! Just when I thought I might have to give up smiley This was fun Marisa, thank you!

Thank you Marisa, It was fun! ^_^

Yay I got all of those. Thank you so much, it's exciting ! smiley

Thanks Marisa smiley