July Madness Success!

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July Madness Success!

I can't believe the whole month has passed us by! And that there are currently 450 layouts tagged for this month-long challenge. That is some madness if you ask me!

Did you make your goal?

Share your favorite layout you made from the month. Also, share your favorite made by someone else. See all the madness layouts here.

Awesome! That is a lot of layouts! My goal was 15 and I just finished 16, I was so busy this month I didn't think I would actually get more than 10.

This is my favorite layout that I made:

and I absolutely adore this layout that Brenda made:

Also I really have to give my mom a shoutout here. In January or February she came to my house and I showed her how to make a page (we made the same page at the same time on our respective computers) and told her that other than the basics that I had just shown her she was on her own and had to figure it out (mean I know smiley). Well she has done an awesome job learning! Here is one of her Madness Layouts:

My goal was 25 and I did 26. This month has been a lot of first for me so to do that many and everything else? I was pretty proud of that smiley

My favorite layout I made was of my family and Fourth of July. It was one of my first times doing a masked photo in the background.

Here is one of my favorites that Catherine did. I really loved the colors and the story told with the photos smiley

Everyone, give yourself a pat on the back smiley We all did and accomplished great layouts and memories to last smiley

I definitely LOVED the 'madness' and managed to hit my goal of 25, even excluding CT stuff that won't post until tomorrow.

My favorites from my gallery:

Sunset at Mallory Square by Brenda Hollingsworth

Current Season by Brenda Hollingsworth

Snuggle Sacks by Brenda Hollingsworth

My favorites from my friends:

Vacations by Ania Archer

Love Birds by Catherine Olson

Star Spangled Fun by Janet Scott

And I am TOTALLY FLOORED that Kaleena picked one of mine as her favorite.

And I am TOTALLY FLOORED that Kaleena picked one of mine as her favorite.

haha don't be - I don't think that you realize how great so many of your layout really are. smiley

Thanks Kaleena. I'm kind of a newbie to digital scrapbooking (less than a year) and I kind of jumped in with both feet here. I joined Pixel Scrapper and applied for a creative team before I even earned gallery access. (50 community points was a LOT!) Made a CT and completed Summer Layout Madness in my first month. I'm not entirely sure which way is up sometimes.

I'm really glad that you like my work. I feel really welcome here and will continue to try to make amazing things.

Wow this was so fun! I didn't set myself a goal so before I started but I'm pretty happy with the amount of pages I made.

There are so many great layouts! so hard to pick only few so I will try not to go crazy here. Let's get to the favorites:

I will start with my favorites by others:

Marisa's page actually inspired me and reminded me about the bermuda triangle collab from Pixels and Co.

I have two favorite ones from mine:

Awesome, awesome effort Pixel Scrappers! What amazing work!

Wah! Bit disappointed, but no, no I didn't make it! 4 off! Or 3 if I count the two pages in the double page spread as 2! Had a ball trying though and a bit proud of myself for a) knowing I was biting off a lot and doing it anyway b) not giving up as soon as I knew I wasn't going to make it. Guess that's the difference between knowing you're losing the race and lying down in the middle of the track and just running until you can run no more!

My fave layout by a fellow Pixel Scrapper was so hard to choose!

I love Orsinian Tales' twist on Marisa's template here:

And Judy's mix of colour and b&w here:

I love Marisa's diagonal movement and simplicity here (can't wait to use this template!)

And who can go past Amara's anty piece here

My favourite one from my 16 would have to be this guy because I so just wanted to put it back in the too hard basket!

I definitely didn't meet my goal, so maybe I shouldn't post here? But - in spite of a number of unforeseen and unfortunate occurrences during July, I was able to complete 12 layouts - and I know (based on recent months!) that it is very unlikely I would have completed them without this challenge - so - Thank You very much for the challenge!!

The layout I enjoyed making the most one featuring my great-grandmother, her glasses, and a hankie that was meant for her:

I really liked this layout by Sharon Adkisson:
...and I was impressed with all the wonderful layouts she made - wow!

And I also really liked this one by Joy Anzalone:

It's pretty hard to stop with just two - many, many inspiring layouts!!

My goal was very small because I started late and my husband was traveling a ton plus we spent a long weekend away! I surprised myself by managing to get 1 layout more than my goal of 3! I'm also now about 4 layouts away from getting my wedding album done 7 years later! lol

Here's my favorite:

Here's a favorite amongst others' layouts:

Anita, thanks for the kind words! I really enjoyed this challenge.