Jun 2020 LC - Life Begins

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Jun 2020 LC - Life Begins

Welcome to the Pixel Scrapper June 2020 Life Begins Challenge. This June Life Begins with a theme. smiley

Many thanks to designer Jessica Dunn for this great idea.

I mention a theme now and the next person makes a layout inspired by that word and declare the next theme. First inspirational word is 'adventure'. Never mind I could not resist to make an adventure layout, too. The first person's word is 'ADVENTURE'.

I have made a little challenge freebie for us, you can dl it here.

Link your post to your layout

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when June does.
  2. Be sure to post your layout in this month's completion thread if you would like to earn download credits. More details here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these two tags: june 2020 life, june 2020 layout challenge
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. See updated rules here.

What a fun challenge! I'll take Adventure (Shibuya Crossing). The next theme is Cherish.

I'll take Cherish - up next NATURE

june 2020 layout challenge, june 2020 life

This is a re-do of a long ago layout. Amazing photo of ME during my performance of "Mary is a Grand Old Name" in the musical George M at the community theater in my home town. I definitely CHERISH all those special moments in the theater!

kit - Sharon Dewi Stolp SPREAD YOUR WINGS

I'll take Nature. Mt Doom in its Natural State.

Next theme is Home Education (aka Home schooling)

I'll take the homeschooling.

Next up: Summer fun.

I'll Take Summer Fun!

Next is: Sports

I'll take sports!

Next up is: backyard/garden

I'll take Garden.

Next is family.

I'm not sure how this got here ... I didn't intend to write a reply (I've already done this challenge earlier in the thread!) Sorry for any confusion!

Since Poki didn't write anything in her post, I'll take family.
Next is imagination.

Edited: took a while, but here it is!
Memories of my kids from last year, June 2019

I'll take Imagination (be back later).

Next is Father.

Oooh, I'll take furry friend.

Next is teleworking.

@Bina ~ Aww thanks for hosting this challenge! smiley
This does look fun!

I can take teleworking

Next is Baking

i take baking !

next thème is "summer"

I will take summer.

The next theme is Grateful.

Fantastic layouts here! I'll have grateful, next is organization.

I'll take organization.
My pantry is filled with beans and rice of all kinds and they've become a bit unwieldy in all there own bags topped on each other. I've been saving these containers from my ranchman's favorite peanuts and I had enough to do all the beans! Since I was simplifying my pantry I decided to simplify my layout also.

Next is festival.

I'll take FESTIVAL: 17 May Norway Constitution Day

Next is SWEET.

I’ll take sweet.

Next is hero.

I'll have hero, next is dream. smiley

I'll do dream - my son dreams of being a pilot and this is the first step.

Next up: Big and Small

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