LAD Oct 2013 Chit Chat

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LAD Oct 2013 Chit Chat

I was just feeling a little chatty this morning, and we have so many specific threads for all the prompts, but no where to chat about how things are going.

I'm really enjoying this layout focus month! I've been getting lots of layouts made and I love seeing everyone else being busy too! It's really encouraging to see everyone else working towards their goals. It's been a long time since I made so many layouts and I'm really enjoying making some again. I've also been trying to use kits by other people, and it's been super fun! I think I'll be really sad when this month is over. What is there to look forward to in November?

I am loving this too. Think we could do it like every 6 months or so? It is really fun to see so many things posted in our gallery each day. I made some pages but then the last little while life has gotten in the way but I am excited to make more pages later today and tomorrow.

Enjoying the prompts, and also doing some other prompts and challenges from some of my other fav haunts so these go in the no prompts thread. I am just over halfway as far as my goal is concerned and I am having a good go at completing at least half the challenges - which was my extra challenge to myself.

Love seeing all the layouts, hearting a few when I am too busy scrapping or my brain is too fuzzy to leave comments.
Awesome month of fun and games.


Love it! Definitely got me hooked on scrapping. It's good that they are open all month, and we can pick which we do and the order to do them in smiley
the switch it up one got me thinking outside my "box"

I definitely like this challenge and am sorry I'm not at my computer for most of the month, making it impossible for me to scrap. I hope it will be repeated in a few months. The pages posted all ready are really a gold mine of inspiration.

I definitely enjoy the prompts smiley, I'm willing to participate in more of them ^_^

Loving all the new prompts!

Starting to get nervous about finishing my goal! Will have to do some serious work this week to make it happen. 12 day left!

I am also getting nervous Marisa,

We have a new puppy which is always hard work. Grandbaby due in two weeks now. My hubby has a chest infection and I was recovering steadily having had Pneumonia last month until a day ago.I have a rattle in the chest and throat - more realistically around the voice box - my voice has gone awol again and I once again feel awful, and am coughing.
Talk about bad timing. I have come in to see what the newer prompts are about today - hope I have a little energy to scrap. I have puppy photos.


I just discovered this area of the forum... and while I don't know how much time I will have to devote to creating layouts, it has been fun to see what others are creating and getting ideas for my own.

i'm also loving and enjoying it too.. i really like the prompts because i love to keep myself busy with new challenges.. smiley

Don´t remind me about it Marisa... It will be difficult for me to catch up. But I´m still confident...

Don't forget to link to your layouts in the gallery on your forums posts! smiley It makes it easier for people to comment on them that way. Also remember to tag your LAD layouts with: LAD Oct 2013

I love it and will be reaching my goal. I haven't been as good at getting them uploaded here though. I don't want to dump a whole bunch at once smiley I'm excited to actually meet a goal for once though. smiley This has been fun. And the prompts have been helpful. smiley

I really doubt I can reach my goal at this stage, as I'm so busy with teaching, Uni, and surrogate uploading smiley it's such as shame too, as I love the prompts. will do the layouts when I get time, most likely in mid nov-Dec now!

So... I didn't finish my final goal of 31 layouts. BUT, I did make 26 (plus the telephone layout I haven't posted) so I blew my original goal of 20 out of the water! I'm really happy with everything I made, and I got out of my comfort zone a bit, so I'm happy with the entire experience. It did kind of stress me out a bit though, because I felt like it was another deadline for me. I would like to try this again some day, but I definitely couldn't do it every month!

Thanks for setting this up and for all the prompts Marisa!

Wish this was in jan, when theres NOTHING on. haha. I didnt even reach half of my goal, as I've been more busy than I thought I'd be. My final exam is in a week. I still want to do the prompts though, and I will soon, as I'll have plenty off free time smiley

I love all the prompts, but just didn't have the time to do the challenges. October ended up being even busier than I thought it would be. Everyone did a great job with their layouts, and I intend to go back and do more of the challenges at a later date, probably after the holidays.

Thanks Marisa for all the great prompts!

I had fun with this and hope we will do it again. If I hadn't had a little extra time the third week in there would have been no way for me to finish, seeing as the last ten days of the month were insanely crazy. I had fun with the prompts, but didn't get to them all.

I'm planning to do it again in January, so any advice on what would help make it better is appreciated!

yay smiley

if possible, it would be good to have a prompt per day. Some days there seemed to be nothing new to work with. For people wanting over 31 layouts, it seemed like it was hard, as many did prompts more than once.

Well the aim was 4 a week - which worked for the first week and a half. So I got 6 digi LOs done but then I had to plan and pack for a weekend retreat and I got 42 LOs completed that weekend. smiley How happy happy happy was I????? Though I had sorted which photos I wanted to do and which kits I wanted to use which took more time than actually doing the LOs.

I liked all the prompts and will use them over this month to continue on with this amazing creative streak that is happening. Hope the mojo hangs around for a while smiley

Thanks for this challenge - and I look forward to the next one.

Marisa- I really liked the specific prompts you created. Things I never would have thought about. IE, Use gold or stitching, or a song lyric... I also like the way you put them out 4 or 5 at a time so I could have time to think and digest and come up with an idea. From there I'd create 1 or 2 layouts at a time. I think if you put up one prompt a day the entire month would feel like a daily speed scrap and I for one would be overwhelmed. I definitely needed the flexibility of being able to make a few pages at one time and none for a few days.

I really liked your format.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Just FYI, I've gone through and given some community points to everyone who participated in the LAD challenge. I gave 10 to everyone who entered 10 or fewer layouts, and then if you made more than 10 layouts I gave you a point for each layout you had entered. There were 8 people who made more than 10 layouts and 5 of them made more than 20! Congrats everyone!

Thanks Marisa, that's really kind smiley