LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #10: Scraplift It

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LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #10: Scraplift It

Pick a layout and let it inspire you. There are lots of great option in our gallery or on my Pinterest board.

5/21 I was inspired by this layout.

For this double layout I scraplifted this gorgeous layout of Nadia Slegers. I also used her amazing Alice in Wonderland kit for this layout.

Find the left part (5/15) here and the right part (6/15) here.

I'm always on the lookout for Project Life inspiration, in large part because it streamlines my decision-making process and helps me not take forever to make each page. For this PL page I scraplifted the title card from this layout by Audrey Neal, which then provided a great starting point for the rest of the spread.


I would love to scraplift every one of Janet Scott's layouts, but frankly, I don't have the attention to detail or editing prowess that she does smiley This is one of my most favorite layouts of hers and I tried to recreate with my little darling.

7/20 for LAD challenge

I scraplifted this one.

I was inspired by this layout

My 14/31

Inspired by Audry Neal's School Spirit here

Awesome lifting, Ladies! I love these pages.

I can't remember where I got the layout from. I know I saw it on Printerest somewhere...Tried to scraplift it because this is so different from what I usually make.

This is mine:

This is the first LO I've made in over a week and it was all inspired by Pauline! smiley

I also scraplifted one of Paulines layouts smiley


then I scraplifted myself


scraplift inspiration


would have been my 7/15

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