LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #2: Chain Reaction

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LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #2: Chain Reaction

This prompt requires two actions.

1. Write a challenge.
2. Complete the challenge that appears before your comment.
3. To share your layout, please edit the thread where you wrote your challenge, so we don't interrupt the flow.

Use stars.

My layout with stars can be found here. (2/15)

Use different paint splatters.

Paint Splatters #3/31

Use two different fonts in your title.

Here it is (1/20)

The next person will Fasten (all) your picture(s) with staples

Staples! 2/20

Use four photos in your layout.

Here's mine!

Use arrows!!

Art Journal page with a favourite quote

My layout for the prompt above - use arrows.

Link in the gallery

LAD Oct 2013 1/22

Doodle something (and maybe edit it with patterns or glitter...)

And here is my art journaling page. With a cute whale made by Rachel of citrus&mint.

Use a "complementary" color palette (yellow/purple, red/green, blue/orange).

I "doodled" the border on this layout about a family tradition, which is in the gallery here.


Complementary colors (orange and blue)

Ok, this is going to be a little more challenging.
Include all the above #2-10 in your layout.
Use stars
Use different paint splatters
Use two different fonts in your title
Fasten all your pictures with staples
Use four photos in your layout
Use arrows
Art journal page with favorite quote
Doodle something and maybe edit with patterns or glitter
Use a complementary color palette (yellow/purple, red/green, blue/orange)

Use a masque.
It looks like Amanda fufilled her own challenge, so I guess I'll go back to Penny's challenge of using complimentary colors.

(later) Hmmmm! Looks like things are getting a little confused here. No matter. Amanda, I'll do your challenge if you want to do Penny's complimentary colors.
3/7 I did use all of the challenges Amanda listed, but some are pretty subdued.

Here in the gallery

Sorry. I didn't think that through carefully. I did mean it to go to the next person. I was thinking I needed to do my challenge plus the person ahead of me.

Here is my layout with stapled photos. number 3/31

Use one photo and 3 frames.


Use pieces of any 5 kits:

1st kit: the second paper
2nd kit: the fourth paper
3rd kit: the first element
4th kit: the fifth element
5th kit: the second element

You can add in any alpha you want.

Here is my take on #15, thank you Rebekah:

explanation and credits in the gallery

Here is my layout based on Rebekah's challenge. Info on which FIVE kits I used are in the credits on my layout page.


My challenge for the next person: Create a page using the Project Life/pocket scrapbooking style. (Here's a link to a huge Flickr group of digital examples if you're not familiar with the style.) It doesn't have to be a Project Life page (eg about everyday life), just use the layout format. Your layout must include at least one journal card.

@Violet, I guess you need to complete Rebekah´s... Elis didn´t post a second challenge, her first was done already... I´ll make yours!

And who post below me will use three or more photos in a photo strip (may be a frame like these or just mat all the photos with a rectangular paper in a way it looks like a photo strip...)

and don´t forget to leave a challenge to the person below you smiley

OK I will take Lórien's challenge.

The next person can use hearts and lots of them (more than 10 smiley)

I think my original challenge ( use a masque) may have gotten over looked so I'm reposting it with an addition for the next person after this post.

Meanwhile, I'll do Kaleena's challenge of hearts, hearts, and more hearts. I hope it's all right to do this challenge more than once.

Here in the gallery

Use one clipping masque and at least two brushes.

I just did a layout using a clipping masque and lots of doodle brushes, so here it is.

Do a layout with a photo as the background

Nan's challenge of photo as a background. 1/15


Do a layout using sporadic buttons and clusters of streamers

Jess's challenge - Do a layout using sporadic buttons and clusters of streamers
LAD Oct 2013 8/15

Next challenge - Do a layout making WordArt be the main focus.

I'll do this one too. I used a fun Word Art pack and kit from Heidi Nicole Designs called The Perfect Season.

layout 22/20

Next person, how about you use 10 or more pictures on your layout?

smiley 25 is enough?


Next: use at least one arrow to point to your subject.

LAD Oct 2013 11/15

Next challenge - use a quickpage

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