LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #3: Telephone

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LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #3: Telephone

Leave a comment below to join the "telephone line." I will email the first person a layout. She will scraplift it and then email her NEW layout to the next person in line. If you're the last person on the list, you can post the final layout and then the rest of us can come back and edit our original comments to share our layouts.

**EDIT**: Just noticed that you can't attach something via the contact form here at Pixel Scrapper. So, to send your scraplift on to the next person, you can either send them an initial email to get them to write you back, or you can upload it it an outside source (don't give it away here at Pixel Scrapper!) and send the link.

ooo this sounds fun - Sign me up.

I made my page and have sent it to Brittany. Can't wait to see what the final page looks like smiley Though the end of the month is still far away!


here is my layout:

I'll do this!

Update: Sent mine to Lorien!

I´m in

got Brittany´s and I´m working on it - hopefully today, if nothing out of routine happens.

update: 3/10 done -urgh, I took a long time to pass it on, sorry smiley

Me too! I got Lorien's page and I'll have it on to Emily soon!

*update* 10/16- I sent my page on to Emily this morning!!

This is counting as my layout 31/31 for Oct LAD, whenever it gets posted!

Here's mine.

I'm in!

Update: I received the email, and have sent my page off! 10/19/13

10/20/13 Finished and sent my page to Debra.

I guess I must have messed up somewhere. I thought we were supposed to each add on to one page. So I added the word art at the bottom and the stars to the right. I didn't know we were supposed to scraplift it. I kept thinking wow, this page is going to end up very cluttered by the end. Sorry ladies. smiley

Here is mine:

Sounds fun, please count me in!

have sent my link to Kimmie today.


I'd like to give this a try, count me in!

Just sent mine to Nadia! Can't wait to see the end result!

Here's mine....finally!

This sounds fun! I'm in.

#update# I have send my layout to Violet (on 28th of oct).

I'd like to play!

**UPDATED** Sorry to all! I had time to do this earlier in October but now I simply can't. I've sent Nadia's layout on to Brooke. I'll check back in later on, and if you haven't finished the queue when some free time opens up for me, perhaps I'll add myself on to the end!

I'm in!

I just got Violet's email today with the link to Nadia's layout. Exciting! I'll try and work quickly! Stay tuned...

**UPDATE** I've sent an email with a link to my layout to Sharon

Here is my layout.

Count me in as well!

**UPDATE** I've sent a link to my layout in an email to Rebekah. This is such a fun challenge and I'm so curious about the start and end result!

***UPDATE*** This is the result of my scraplift from the layout I got from Brooke:

Oooh! I'm in!

yay smiley Yes Please

Update: Here is my layout

Scraplifted from Sharon:

I found it hard to do the stitching, and couldn't seem to get the circles right, so it's not as close as I'd have liked.

I'd like to play too!

Sounds like fun, can I play?

Should we set a turnaround time for each person to complete and pass on their layout? Like 24 hours or 2 or 3 days or something? There are so many of us, this could take us well past October. (Which could be fine, of course.)

I think a week per person sounds reasonable

Please include me!

I am in!

I'd like to try this too? Can I still get it?

Tomorrow is the 31st. How is this telephone line coming along? I can hardly wait to post my layout and see all the rest!

Any news on when we'll post the finished layouts? Should we just send our finished layouts to Marisa?

Ack, sorry, I held up the line! Everything in my inbox got swamped and disappeared into DSD emails so I didn't realize Nadia had sent her layout to me. I'll get on this right away tomorrow. I'm so chagrined! smiley

No worries, Violet! Glad you found it and are getting this line going again. Still can't wait to see the final results.

@ Violet: do you still have it or do you want me to send it again? And I agree with Kaleena: no worries! smiley

I believe it is on Rebekah now, Nadia. smiley

Is our phone line stuck again?

Seems that way. How do we get notified when it's our turn?

The person before you is supposed to send you a message and the layout that they made.

The rest of the list is as follows:
Rebekah (I have sent her a message to see if she still wants to do it - I know people are busy she may have just needed a reminder smiley)
Alison wants to play too (added her to the list as we aren't done yet smiley)