LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #4: Roll of the dice

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LAD Oct 2013 Prompt #4: Roll of the dice

Roll two dice (or use to determine how many of the following to use:

  • ? papers
  • ? elements
  • ? photos

So I don't forget

10 papers
11 elements
2 photos

Papers: 5
Elements: 11
Photos: 6 (I only rolled one die for this)

3/21: For this layout I used a bundle that I'll be publishing later in the month.

Love the layout Marisa, and the look of the new kit.
I just used a kit with doodles in it for one of my layouts (in fact I have used a couple of these types of kits from Wordart World by Jennifer and they make interesting layouts)

Just did my random / dice throw thingee (like you used one chance in six for the photos)

Papers: 7
Elements: 9
Photos: 5

everything odd - this will be a challenge.

Link to gallery:


6 papers, 8 elements, 6 photos
For some reason I'm unable to upload to PS this afternoon, so I've put it on Imgur. That means no link to the gallery. All the elements and papers are from Marisa's Pretty Things kit.

Beautiful! I love it.
I am not able to upload to the gallery either, Harriett.

The new kit looks beautiful, Marisa!

I'm putting my "rolls" here so I remember when I'm ready to scrap:

12 papers
11 elements
5 photos (just used 1 "die")

And I'm really hating right about now. smiley

Here are my rolls, I'll add my layout later:

10 Papers
8 Elements
5 Photos

Here is my layout:

In the Gallery.

This was a struggle for me! Very much NOT my style, I don't feel like the pictures took the main focus with all those papers. I do like the finished product, though, so I'm glad I did this challenge.


Papers 9
Elements 6
Photos 8

This was a tricky one for me! Hope it turned out not to crowded smiley (And the spangles are one element)

Here are my numbers for the layout I'll do today.
Papers - 2
Elements - 9
Photos - 4

Here I put my numbers in, chosen by mr. Random.
(you cheated Marisa!!) LOL!

Papers: 3
Elements: 6
Photos: 8

Weird, I thought I had put my 6/31 LO in here?
Well, here it is (again):

credits in the Gallery.

mine by

papers 2
elements 10
photos 4

You can't cheat when you make the rules smiley gave me the following challenge:

4 papers
9 elements
8 photos

It was challenging to fit this many elements and photos on a page without making it look chaotic, but here is the result (4/15):

For my future reference:
3 photos (I used the "Marisa Rules" for this roll)
6 papers
5 elements

2 papers
11 elements
1 photo

So fun! I love this challenge. I will have to do it too.

Here are my "rolls"
7 - paper
4 - elements
3 - photos

3 papers
8 elements
4 photos

I'm back with my layout smiley, below is what I got:

5 papers
12 elements
2 photos

& here is what I created with them, she is my big sister, I love her! smiley

You can find this layout here in the gallery!

I rolled 2 papers, 9 embellishments, and 4 photos. Here is my layout. LAD Oct 2013 2/15

I was really surprised with how lucky I got... 5 papers, 5 elements, and 3 photos! I'll be back later with my LO. smiley

Just rolled the dice and I need to do a layout with:

Papers - 7
Elements - 6
Photos - 10


7 papers
7 elements
7 photos
via Okay.

My roll of the dice was 7 papers, 6 elements, and 10 photos. LAD Oct 2013 7/15

Loving all the different layouts coming from this challenge.

Don't forget to link to your layouts in the gallery on your forums posts! smiley It makes it easier for people to comment on them that way. Also remember to tag your LAD layouts with: LAD Oct 2013

I used, scale 1-12, and I got 4 papers, 2 elements and 4 photos. Here it is...

You'll have to forgive me for using horses so much. They are one of my passions. smiley

Here's mine, 7 Papers, 7 Elements, 4 Photos

Layout 23/31 for Oct LAD

I decided to do another Roll the Dice layout.

Papers - 4
Photos - 6
Elements - 11

Be back in awhile with my layout.

Here it is: Papers 4, photos 6, and elements 11. LAD Oct 2013 14/15

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