Layout a Day Challenge for January

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Layout a Day Challenge for January

EDIT 1/9/2014

We'll start on Sunday the 12th and go through February 9th. What do you want to get done?

End edit

So I mentioned briefly that I was planning a layout-a-day challenge for January, so I guess it's time for more details. Personally, I'm finding the whole new year thing a bit overwhelming this year, possibly because I'm travelling. As I want to take part in this challenge (I have 2 projects I want to finish!!), I'm going to postpone the start until the second week of January (probably start on the 13th). I'll be posting some prompts for the next 30 days to help get you started, but the main point of this process is to figure out what you want to get done, and then do it (the prompts are really just a side bonus).

So, now is the time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish and collecting what you need to do that. Below leave a comment of your goal for our 30 day period. You could set

- a certain number of layouts you want to accomplish
- a project you want to complete
- something else you think will take 30 days...

Personally, I have two trips that have been languishing in the scrap closet. I'd like to finish them both up so I can move onto other projects. I'm not sure of an exact layout count, but I'm guessing it will be fairly high..

my daughter has been asking for more "baby books" of when she was 1-3... not sure how many layouts that might be, but I could potentially try to get at least a 1 yr old set done in 30 days (being somewhat realistic with my available time) smiley Thanks for the inspiration Marisa! smiley

I have just started scrapping my wedding photos from 7 years ago so I would like to get that finished in 30 days, I guess I will have to do at least one a day!

Kathie you sound like me... one of these days I will get my wedding photos from 7 years ago scrapped! I saw a few of yours in the gallery, beautiful pages!

I just scrapped 15 pages in the last 3 days (waited until the end of the month to complete some challenges at other forums!)... I'm feeling a bit burned out so I'm glad we'll be starting this challenge mid month. smiley I have one S4H project I need to finish (luckily its for a friend who is in no hurry, haha) so I think that will be at the top of my goal list.

I use too many parenthesis for sentences within sentences, haha.

My hubby has taken many photos that I've neglected in 2013, so I'd like to get those done. I'd also like to do some scraplifts. I'd be happy if I could get 10 decent layouts done this month. My other major scrapping projects are my didgital sorting and un-zipping, and my hard-copy 2014 calendar. Looking forward to the challenge.

I would like to at least get a layout done every other day. Are these supposed to be from scratch layouts or can you use templates? I'm new to this challenge. Thanks. smiley

I'd like to get all caught up with everything from the end of 2013, I've got all the family photos from Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've got a couple of odds and ends books to finish up as well. I am cleaning up my digital scrapbooking files, deleting things I don't use, reorganizing and whatnot. I'd like to get some P52 templates set up, and other files organized, so those are my goals this month.

I'd like to finish the Greenville, SC book. I've got my daughters' photos from when we lived there back in 1997 !!! I also have to reorganize my digital scrapbooking files and I'd like to finish my blog, since I intend to participate in a couple of blog trains. These are my goals for January smiley

PS sorry for my English, Spanish is my first language smiley

I´ll wait to know exactly when the challenge will start, and when it will end, to set my goal. This time of the year we have some celebrations (including brother´s and hubby´s b-day and Chinese New Year) and I´m afraid I can´t do a layout everyday if the challenge is exactly when those are held. But for the beginning of the year I´m following challenges on other forums to try doing a layout everyday.

This month there is birthday of my nephew, so there will be lots of photos and I'm going to scrap them smiley but there are also final exams. Therefore I don't know exactly how many layouts I can make smiley

Amanda, you can do whatever you want. Last time Marisa gave some good prompts every few days, so that helped get ideas flowing, and there was a thread for new pages that didn't fit a prompt. I did some from scratch and some with templates. And some that were blatant scraplifts of others!

I'm going to try to do at least 15 coordinating pages to make up a digital baby book for at least one of my kids. No idea how that's going to go, but we'll see.

Also, I'll volunteer right here to organize and keep track of a new round of telephone challenge. It was really fun and I'd like to do it again!

@Tiffany: What a great idea! I enjoyed participating in the last telephone challenge and I guess we've learned a lot from it. I think a second time around everything will go smoother especially when there is someone to organize and keep track of it. I will definitely want to participate again!

I have a lot of holiday photos I would like to scrap and just random day photos of 2013. The previous time I did not reach my goal, so this time I will keep it save and hope to do at least 10 layouts.

Just updated the initial post. We'll start this Sunday and go through February 9th!

Also, I'll post a sign up thread for the new and improved Telephone game.

I´ll set up the goal of 20 layouts then- If I can make 18 I´m still satisfied, however.

kiddo picked out pictures she liked, so I guess it's time to get started! (there are a LOT!!! - I think I'll be using templates for lots of pictures per page LOL) smiley

I think I will go for it and try to do a page a day...why not right? I am kinda just getting started so I will probably be doing a mish-mash of topics. Maybe I will try to sneak in my wedding photos...I would like to surprise the hubby with scrapped wedding photos for our anniversary. This is probably the push I needed.

i want to make 21 pages. there are so many pictures waiting to be scrapbooked and this is the push I need.

I'm going to try to get 31. smiley

Damn! I went to start my first layout and something's wrong with my photoshop smiley

Hopefully I can get it fixed so i can do the challenge!!!

I need to get rolling again--been sidetracked with other things.
My goal is 10!

ok es hora de darle rienda a mi imaginacion y espero de esta manera aprender a usar estas herramientas ya usar esto diseños tan bonitos espero hacer los de cada dia, aunque si hago 15 para mi ya esta bien un saludo. desde España

My goal this time around is 31 layouts and to use as many of the prompts as possible.

A few days late, but I def want in on this! Seems a good way for me to learn quickly! Yay!

I am a few days late, too. I am spending way too much time scrapping, but hey, my family will thank me someday. smiley I have a big project coming in the end of the month, so I will commit myself to get 12 pages done by the end of this challenge. Love the opportunities you provide here!

I don't see Challenge #7, #8, #9 or #10. Am I missing them?

Hmm. I seem to have forgotten to post them. I'll post them soon!

I will say lucky number

I'm going to start out aiming at 15 smiley