Layout Challenge - Before Breakfast - June 2018

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Layout Challenge - Before Breakfast - June 2018

Whether your moments before breakfast are quiet or hectic, capture it with your camera and then make a layout!

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when June does.
  2. See updated rules here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these TWO tags: june 2018 layout challenge, june 2018 braekfast
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. Link your layout here in the forum to your gallery. Doing this makes it much easier for others to find your layout and smiley or comment on it. If you don't know how to do this there is a great tutorial here.

smiley smiley

Wait something happens before breakfast?? I think I miss that part of day - I'm in a complete fog before coffee lol! Fun challenge! I'll see if I can ever think to snap a photo before coffee. smiley

before coffee...oups, i sleep !!!! smiley smiley

my page !!

Here's my page for this challenge. Sometimes my twins like to just hang out together before they start their day.

What a beautiful cat, Bourico!

thank you Jo, and your girls are so adorable !!! very beautiful page! smiley

Remembering is the hard part! Thanks for sharing your layouts Jo & Bourico.

Eeek 4 days left of the month ..... yes I totally agree Marisa Ive forgotten thus far. Going to try hard to remember lol!

My LO for this challenge, before breakfast I love to chill with our dog Rox XXX

Charlotte, I love that!

Yay I finally did it! smiley Here is my simple before breakfast routine. Like I said not much happens before coffee lol!

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