Layout Challenge - Photo Swap - Nov 2018

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Layout Challenge - Photo Swap - Nov 2018

Leave a comment below that you'd like to join and I'll create a list of partners. Send a photo to your partner and have them scrap a layout for you!

More Details

  1. Challenge ends when November does.
  2. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like for a challenge, but please only post your layout to one challenge.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these two tags: nov swap 2018 challenge, nov 2018 layout challenge
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. See updated rules here.
  6. Link your layout here in the forum to your gallery. Doing this makes it much easier for others to find your layout and smiley or comment on it. If you don't know how to do this there is a great tutorial here.

What a great idea!!!!
Count me in.

Count me in ,Please

Yay, sounds great. I'm in. smiley

This sounds like so much fun! Sign me up smiley

I'm interested!

Sounds fun !

Count me in too!!

Count me in!

Me too please!

Yes please

ME toooo!!!

Partners. Click through on their photo for the contact button.
Katie & Marisa
Suzette & Bina
Diana & Angela
Jess & Shannon
Varia & Emily
Violet & Sandrine

Leave a note if you still want to join and I'll match people up as the month goes on.

Emily, I have sent two messages through the contact button, I don't want to be a pest, so if you see this and did not receive them please get in touch. thanks!! smiley