Layout Challenge - Your Desk - Deadline March 13

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Layout Challenge - Your Desk - Deadline March 13

This week's challenge come from Tiffany. She saw this post on Citrus and Mint and thought it would be a great challenge for us. And I think she was right! So your challenge this week is to take a real-life photo of your desk and make a layout. I can't wait to see everyone's workspaces!

The Details

  1. Challenge ends after March 13, 2014.
  2. See updated rules here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these TWO tags "march 2014 layout challenge" "desk march 2014 challenge"
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. Do you have an idea for a layout challenge? Let me know!

What a fun challenge! I would love to see everyone's work-spaces! (although I'm a little bit embarrassed about showing mine smiley)

seriously, my desk is a MESS!!!! and I never actually use the desk at home (which is neat), I just sit on the couch smiley

This is awesome! I actually have two desks....the one for our pc and the one in my studio. I would love to see the other desks no matter how messy! smiley

Ha! I think my desk is due for a slight decluttering if I were to participate in this one. It tends to be the landing spot of everything that the girls shouldn't have (they tend to pull stools elsewhere throughout the house to get whatever they want). They know my desk is off limits. smiley

Gonna do this one!!

Loved doing this!

I really loved that this challenge involved taking a photo and making a layout all at the same time. I really struggle with getting layouts about daily life made, so I'd like to make more challenges like this. If you have some ideas for prompts, please let me know!

I really liked this challenge too, Marisa. I am like you and scrap events that have already taken place and tend to ignore (or forget) about documenting the now which is just as, if not, more important. Traveling and going new places is neat but what about the story that is between those journeys? I will let you know if I think of some daily life prompts.

Be it ever so humble there's no place like.... TV tray desk!!!

Love it, Judith! To be honest I am a little envious of your TV tray - I hate using the laptop because it makes me soo hot - we don't have any TV trays.

Oh! I love seeing all of your workspaces. Here's mine, along with the two 5 yr olds who keep it never!

Amanda, that title is so clever and sums up your journaling perfectly!!!

Thanks Judith. smiley

Love all the spaces so far.

Marisa- what about, what's in your purse? What's for dinner? Daily Routine? What's the weather like? Show me your shoes? Favorite spot in the house (besides PC's)? Pets? Hobbies?

(ok maybe that will start some ideas?) Lol smiley

Here are my two desks:

Nice to see everyones workspaces! @Marisa: I like the bags displayed on the wall! @Kaleena: is that your view and house?? Amazing! Overhere everything is crowded and tiny and we don't have mountains, everything is flat! smiley

Finally I found some time for doing a layout. This challenge was great because I work a lot at my desk and now it's honored with a layout smiley

Wow! Such lovely workspaces. I knew I needed another monitor, lol. I may clean my desk sometime this week and try this challenge. smiley

This is a great challenge! ...I'd seriously better go tidy up now though!

Here's some snippets of my Music studio, (which I use for scrapbooking when there's no students around smiley)

I'm so glad I was able to do this challenge. It was so much fun to scrap "the ordinary things" in life.
Here is the layout I made of my work place:

I totally screwed up my first post of this page, so here we go again!

Find my entry here:

These are all really cute!

Love these! Glad I inspired people to scrap! Now I need to make a layout and I'm definitely doing @Amanda Brown's title. Love it!

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