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Layout Critique Wanted

I'm very interested in having some sort of system for layout critiquing, as I know are many of you. We've tried a few things in the past, and it occurred to me that it would be easy to just have a thread where people could post a link if they particularly wanted some critiquing.

So, if you have a layout that just isn't working, or you'd just like to get a little advice, please post the link below. This will be a signal to everyone that you are looking for some help. Let's try to keep the chatter in this thread to a minimum, so that people know when there's something new here, it's a request for critique.

Details for Requesting

  1. Your layout must be posted in the Pixel Scrapper gallery.
  2. Leave the link to your layout in a comment below. You may also tell us if you're looking for particular advice.
  3. I have no specific frequency rule as of now, but please leave a good amount of time between requesting a critique, so everyone who wants can have a chance.

Details for Critiquing

  1. Please leave your critique in a comment on the layout page, NOT HERE.
  2. Assume that people who are asking for a critique want your honest opinion to help them improve, but DO mention things that work well in the layout. Everyone likes a little something positive.

I have one. I created a double page layout. I love the first page but the second page bothers me. I hate that big open space and feel it needs something. Suggestions on what to do would be great. I would even be willing to change the first page a bit if needed.

Here is the first page or the left side (which I like):

and here is the second page or the right side (which I do not like):

Here is my revised layout. I love it so much more than the original - I appreciate all the input - thank you everyone!

I love using purple. On the 2nd page, it is a little overpowering with the colours in the photos. Perhaps you could put in a mat and leave the purple spot as a page frame or even some lace around the top photo to offset the brilliance of the purple and make the photo stand out more. Another thought would be to put an embellishment of perhaps some books to deaden the brightness of the space or just mute the background. Keep it up and have a good scrapping day. smiley

@Sue: In the future please leave your critique on the layout page, not here. We'd like to keep this thread clean and just for requests. Thanks.

Love this idea and I have a couple that I need to upload to get help with..............thanks.

Would you please let me know what you think about my first layout? Is there too much on the page? How about proportion and composition? Is there anything I can do to pull it more together? Effects maybe? Originally, the stork was on the left side of the picture. I wanted to and a little journaling place for the mother to add. But since this is the to be the title page, I thought it might be to much.

Please meet my cutie Mila

EDIT: Link here.

Worked on some shadows on the original layout here

....and another one to try the rule of thirds here

the best one will stay here, but I will take 2 out.

Thank you for all the comments.
Before I went to Sun Dance there was a challenge to do a Monogram layout I started it but never got it finished til now. I used a mishmash of different elements from an array of different people. I looked for things that remind me of Del and I think it turned out rather well. However I would love to have your feed back on it!

I'm looking for feedback on this layout. Something is just not working out:

Image is linked

When I joined Pixel Scapper in January of 2013 I was still a fairly new digital scrapbooker but I jumped in with two feet and participated in a challenge just a few days after creating my account. I credit a lot of things I have learned to doing speed scraps and challenges. Anyway that first challenge was circles and while I loved how my page turned out I don't really feel that it showcases the photos like it could and look at that big black journaling!

Don't forget to leave your comments in the gallery and not in this thread smiley

I'm so glad I found this thread!
I've made 5 pages for my recent New Orleans swamp & bayou tours, and I'm very happy with 3 of them. My 2 page spread, however, sucks. I just can't seem to come up with inspiration for them. I would very much appreciate and suggestions, comments, whatever.
My initial vision for this spread was to have a graffiti-type of feel, with doodled arrows pointing to the journaling topics. I used a lightened photo for the background because I just couldn't find anything to fit with swamp-type colors.
Don't be shy - tell it like it is. I'm totally open to re-vamping the entire spread.
Here's page 1...

And page 2...

Help! And thanks!

@Caileigh Try doing a blend technique instead of the borders you have on the photos...

So I am liking this so far... but I need a title... something catchy. We were outside and it was super hot (July in Texas) we didn't have a swimming pool for her at my friends house so we did the next best thing a redneck swimming bag, LOL. She loved drinking out of the hose.

Not sure why this layout was deleted off my gallery... I had to re-upload and post. But this is the completed layout.

Nobody answered this, only because your page is perfect!

Hope I'm doing this right. This is my first layout EVER! My very first of posting an image in forums...I don't know if I'm doing things the way they should be done.

Can someone just look at my layout and tell me what they think?

Please and thanks!

There is the link too, just in case.

Feedback given!

this is a great idea! i have a layout i am almost finished with, will post it here in a few

I would love some feedback on my layouts... they're just missing something! What a great thread!
I just realized that I don't know how to link up my pages!? Could someone help please?

I did read Marisa's thread about linking but when I right click on my gallery photo it doesn't give me the option of 'copy image url'...

Ok I figured it out, I think! Here is a layout that I finished but like I said, something just doesn't feel right. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks

I think it needs some patterns, instead of all solid paper maybe?

Here's another layout that I just did. It was my first time ever trying to do a cluster and I was wondering what I could do to really make the page fly... maybe better or more shadowing? I received such helpful feedback on my other layout that I thought I should try this again!
Thank you for looking!

I created this layout using the black and white photo. Then I looked at it a little too long and wondered if I should use a sepia photo instead. So I'm wanting some opinions on which looks better. Personally, I still like the black and white better, but I'd like to know what you all think. Thanks!!

As Marisa suggested, I moved the journaling from along the bottom of the layout to more of a paragraph underneath the title. What do you think?

I think she was right!

HELP! I have yet another layout that I need help with- any and all suggestions wanted- Thanks! smiley

Shawna- that tape tutorial was wonderful! I tried it and when I used a straight frame it worked better and also my bottom tape is overlapping multiple things so it was a bit tough on there! I did lower the shadows where you mentioned and attempted to do the tape... those were great suggestions, let me know if you have any more smiley

Wow- on here it doesn't look like there's any difference between the two pages!

Marisa- hopefully you will read this... you mentioned on my other layout about my journaling being too big (especially for printing the layouts) and although you didn't mention that on this layout, I took it upon myself to make the writing smaller. I didn't fiddle with anything else on the page, I just wanted to get your opinion to see if this is more like the size that would work? Thank you!

definitely the black and white ..
and may be the string a little thinner if possible ?
the colours areperfect and the work with the different papers
the orange flower can stay over the picture
hope I don't disturbe you Tammy BUT your layout is nearly" perfect" ...

I'm stuck on this layout... any suggestions? Is it just too chaotic? Thanks!

I ended up moving around some of the smaller photos near the bottom, but I'm still not happy about this page. Any suggestions?

I'm watching and learning and being a woolly mammoth - well nearly - I have learned a lot. One thing about layout strikes me: In the books I've produced for academics, less is often more beautiful. Some nicely scripted words, perhaps one stunning element and a couple of pics following design principles on lovely paper seem to get the accolades, from the staff. I'd love to see some simpler designs from you clever folk. I will post some of my award winning ones for you after we've moved house - and that's going to be fun! I haven't posted because at first I felt vey inadequate, but as compliments came I got more confidence, but I'd like to thank each and every one of you for your kindnesses in helping us beginners get confidence. If I've put this in the wrong place, I sincerely apologise. J:)

Thank you Marisa & Marti- I just wanted to show the final page of this layout with your suggestions about the white borders... I really appreciate the feedback!