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Hi- I'm really torn on which layout I like best. Could you please give me feedback and tell me which one you prefer? Thank you so much!
This one:

or this one:

Thanks again!

Krissy, they are both very nice, but I prefer the second layout. Having one photo larger and framed really draws the eye to it. Also the broken word home-coming leads the eye across the page from left to right. The first layout seems more static. What do your subjects think?

Thank you Sharon- I haven't shown them yet. I'm saving it to put into a book for their graduations... just can't decide which layout to put in the book. Thank you for your feedback!

I love the second one, Krissy. I'd put that in the book.

Thank you Holly!

Just created this layout of a quilt show I went to with my mother in law. The quilts were amazing but I am struggling to make a layout that is amazing to share them. Be sure to leave any suggestions or ideas on what I can do as a comment on my layout in the gallery. Thanks.

I have been overwhelmed at craft shows! I might know the feeling.... Have you considered a two pager?

I'd absolutely agree on making this a two-page layout--that would let you not have to scale your chosen photos so small, so the artistry that went into those quilts can be appreciated by people who weren't there. They really deserve larger photos!