Layout Show & Tell: 30 Days Challenge

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Layout Show & Tell: 30 Days Challenge

I thought it'd be fun to have a little show and tell of all that we've done this last month! So please pick your favorite layout that you completed for the 30 Days Challenge and a favorite of someone else's and share below. Let's try to pick a variety, so if a layout has already been picked, don't pick it again. And, if you didn't join us for the challenge, feel free to just pick a layout, without sharing one of your own. You can find all the layouts here

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that this one is my favorite. Probably because it looks like the sheep are slightly drunk. When I first saw these sheep that Melouise made, I was in love. And the love has not faded even though I used them all over my pages.

I love this layout from Amanda. I love the simplicity, which reflects the starkness of the photo, and the little banners below the photo.

aaahhh why are you making me pick just one!!???? smiley I actually love pretty much all of them smiley
I really like Kimberlee's style, so I love all her layouts, but this one really stood out for me - so artsy, and totally evokes the fun and excitement of a kid at a Fresh Beat Band concert! smiley

I think this one of mine is my favorite that qualifies for the 30 day challenge - I like the big photo & the colors smiley

P.S. I LOVE those sheep too! LOL

I've always loved show and tell!
This is my favorite page I made because I had it in my head for so long. It's great to be able to see it all together!

I'm going to have to pick one of Kimberlee's pages too:

I absolutely LOVE the boldness of the background and the layered cluster. And I must say, I have all of the same items she used in my stash and I NEVER would have thought to put it all together that way. She really is an artist!

Okay, I'm picking two favorites. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this page of Kaleena's as well.

I just love the design and pattern. And the quote is perfect. Plus, there is so much movement on the page!

Ah! It's so hard to pick favorites!

I guess for my own layout, I'll go with this one. I incorporated 2 different challenges when I made it (using a template from the 1st challenge), and I'm really happy with how they blended together. It was also my first time using a black background!

I also love this one of Emily's layouts. It's such a happy page, and I like how she used the photo as the center of the sun. The colorful background also helps the b&w to pop. Beautiful!

I think one of my favs is this one: I always have a hard time combining kits, and I thought this came together very nicely.

I love the way this turned out...I've only done a handful of templates myself, and know what an accomplishment is to figure out something new and useful!

I really love how this layout turned out, the colors, everything, it's just perfect!
★ ★ ★

I really this layout from Amanda, I love the colors & all the clustering!
★ ★ ★

One of my favorites the last 30 days is this one:

I love the minimalism, soft colors and that I finished it lightening fast for a speed scrap. smiley

I also couldn't pick just one favorite...

In this page by Tiffany, I love the soft colors, hexagon template, gold accents, the use of two alphas for the title work, the circles scattered throughout the background... and of course that adorable picture of a baby falling out of a gift box!

I LOVE this minimalist page by Amanda, the journaling, the arrow, the neutral bg with pop of colors and the cutest photos!

I think this is my own personal favorite:

Marisa's Lake District bundle is actually my favorite digital scrapbooking bundle at the moment! I love using it for my layouts! What I like so much about this layout is that it would have never turned out the way it did if I haven't had made it for the telephone challenge. Challenges like this always bring in new creative inspiration in my experience!

I hearted so many layouts this past month, it's hard to pick just one favorite! smiley

This huge double page photo layout of Marisa really stood out to me, because of the many beautiful photos, the minimal use of papers and elements and the eye catching detail of the white line:

I also love the playfulness of this photo-less page of Tiffany, because the colors, the use of the journal cards and the placement of all the elements is just awesome!

There are SO many great layouts! I didn't even see a lot of these as I came on here day to day. I love pretty much all of Kimberlee's layouts as well.

This one by Emily was my favorite though. It has so much going on but it's not too much. The colors and diagonal lines all work well together and the B&W photo draws me right to it in the midst of it all.

My own would probably be the telephone challenge layout. It felt like it took me forever to figure out how I was going to scraplift the one before me, but once I finished I was really happy with it. Plus, I love these "little moments" photos of my daughter and the pup. smiley

Oh wow two of my favorite ones that I made were picked by someone already (here and here)! lol So here is the third favorite that I made:

Picking a favorite of someone else's is super hard by the way! So many awesome layouts.

I really like the clustering, element scatters and over all simpleness of Celebrate by Elif.

I really tried to pick just one but I could not. I also really like Anniversary by Kimberlee. I really like the small scale of everything and how it is all in a neat rectangle shape in the middle.

Breaking the rules I know but I also really like Life Is Sweet by Tiffany - I am probably a little biased about this layout because my grandma is the one in the photos. I really like the large frame around the entire page and how minimal it seems to be on elements.

Even picking three layouts there are still a bunch I would love to post here but it would defeat the purpose smiley Overall I think the 30 days was a big success for me this time around. I tried my best to do things I don't normally do and I finally bit the bullet and jumped into using photo shop starting with figuring out how to actually use a template if I want to and how to created a layout from a blank canvas.